Behestan Castle Zanjan

About Behestan Castle Zanjan

Behestan Castle, which is also called Old Fortress, is one of the most wonderful castles in Zanjan which dates back to the Mads era. The castle is located in the ancient Mahneshan state. Behestan Castle is one of the ancient tourist attractions in Zanjan. Mahneshan is one of the old cities in Zanjan province which is located on the west of Zanjan city. The distance between Mahneshan and Zanjan is 113 km. The city is as old as 4000 years. Therefore, you can find many ancient attractions in this area. However, Behestan Castle is the most important one.

Behestan Castle Zanjan
Behestan Castle is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Zanjan.

Brief History about Behestan Castle

Behestan Castle (Old Fortress) is one of the attractions in Mahneshan city and one of the 20 historic castles in this area. Since the castle is near a village called “Behestan”, it has the same name. Another name of this castle is “Demon’s Castle”. Villagers believed that demons rested above the flat boulders on the castle’s columns, which have unusual look. The castle is located beside “Sepid Rud” river.

It was first believed that the construction of this castle dates back to the Sassanid era, but the latest reviews show that the castle is older than that and might be a remaining of the Mads era. However, it seems that the main use of this castle was during the Islamic era because the objects found in this castle mostly belong to that era.

The castle was made by digging the mountain and removing its stones and solids, which made the rooms. Each room that was made had a corridor to other rooms. The rooms don’t have the same sizes. However, some are bigger than the others. The bigger rooms have 5 to 2.60 meters dimension. The height of the ceilings is 2.70 meters. At the end of each room, there is a small area which might be the warehouse. The smaller rooms also don’t have equal sizes. However, most of them are 2 to 2.50 meters and have 2.40 meters in height.

The castle also has stairways. Since it is too old and somehow dangerous, it is not possible for the visitors to go upstairs via the stairs. The visitors should climb the mountain to get to the top of it. Behestan Castle has 64 rooms and 2 stairways.

Behestan Castle Zanjan
Behestan Castle Zanjan is a natural tourist attraction in Zanjan province.

Places nearby Behestan Castle

One of the most popular attractions near Behestan Castle is Jinn’s Chimney which are natural phenomenon made by erosion. The Jinn’s Chimneys are tall and thin spires which have a boulder with unusual shapes above. Belqeys Mountain is another natural attraction which is at a very close distance to this castle.

How to get to Behestan Castle

The distance between this attraction and the city of Zanjan and its attractions is 113 km. It will only take 2 hours to reach this attraction from the city of Zanjan. You can either rent a car or take a tour of this attraction.

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