Zanjan Travel Guide

Zanjan is the capital of Zanjan province which is located almost 300 km north-west of Tehran. The city of Zanjan is the 20th largest city in Iran and is the main highway to Tabriz. Therefore, it is mostly visited by travellers who are going from Tehran to Tabriz. However, since Zanjan is almost 4 hours from Tehran, it can be a great destination for a day-trip from Tehran. It is possible to reach this city from Qazvin in 2 hours. Therefore, if you are staying in either of the cities, you can easily visit the other city in one day too. You can find many great tourist attractions in Zanjan which are mostly natural attractions such as caves or forests.

Zanjan Weather and Climate

Zanjan has a cold semi-arid climate. Summers are hot and dry and you can see cold and moist winters in this area. Therefore, these two seasons might not be a great time to visit this area. However, if you can handle hot weather and don’t face any problem physically, you can visit Zanjan during summer too. Since most of the nature travellers and adventurers come to Zanjan because of its caves, the weather will not affect their trip.

Demographics and Cultures

According to research done in 30 provinces of Iran, Zanjan is the happiest province among all. Most of the people speak Azeri Turkish but have their own accent. That’s why they are called Turks’ of Zanjan. However, they have the same culture as other Azeri cities in Iran. Speaking Persian is also common in some of the families but in the local and public places, Turkish is spoken most of the time.

Zanjan Local Foods

Like other cities in Iran, Zanjan has its own local and traditional foods:

Zanjan Tourist Attractions

Zanjan has great natural and historical tourist attractions:

Kataleh Khor Cave was discovered 90 years ago and is one of the main tourist attractions in Zanjan. It is also located 120 km south of Zanjan city. It is believed that this cave has been formed during the Jurassic period.

This cave is another great tourist attraction in Zanjan which is located 35 km south-west of the city of Zanjan. Goljik Cave is one of the six lime caves discovered in this province. The cave was the settlement of humans in the past.

In 1993, six mummies found in a salt mine in Zanjan province. Between the found bodies, three of the saltmen date back to the Achaemenids era and 2 of them are considered to belong to the Sassanid era. However, the sixth man remained in the mine because there were no facilities to keep it. Now you can see the five salt men in this museum in Zanjan.

This museum is located in the heart of the old texture of the city. In the past, this place was where people of the city would wash their clothes. Therefore, it turned into a museum and called Rakhtshooykhaneh Museum or Museum of Anthropology of Zanjan.

Jame Mosque of Zanjan, along with the old school next to it, is located in the old texture of Zanjan city. This mosque is not only one of the most important tourist attractions in Zanjan but also one of the biggest mosques with four iwans.

The historic bridge of Mir Baha’addin is an old bridge in the city of Zanjan which dates back to the Qajar era. It is located above Zanjan River and is one of the tourist attractions in Zanjan which have been registered in the list of Iranian National Sites.

Zanjan Souvenirs

Zanjan is so popular for its sharp and beautiful knives which are handcrafts. Most people buy these knives because of their long life. However, you can also find other handcrafts in this province which are great options for souvenirs. “Charoogh” is a kind of traditional sandal which is among the well-known handicrafts of this area. “Malileh” is an artwork made by silver wire and can be a great gift you can buy for your loved ones.

How to Travel to Zanjan

There are several ways to get to the city of Zanjan. The city has an international airport which usually has flights to Mecca and Medina. However, you can book an internal flight from any other airports in Iran.

The other option is taking a train. The train from Tehran to Tabriz has a stop in Zanjan and the railway is so close to the city. Therefore, it will be a great option for travellers who are coming from the cities around Zanjan.

From any bus terminals in Iran, you can directly get to Zanjan. However, it might take longer than train and aeroplane but is a cheaper option.

In the end, taking a car is the other option you have to get to Zanjan. Especially from Tehran, Qazvin or Tabriz, you can easily take a car and get to Zanjan. It will take almost 3 hours to get to Zanjan from Tehran by car but Qazvin is closer to this city so perhaps you can plan a trip to Qazvin and Zanjan together. However, it will always be easier and more assured to take a tour of this city, especially if you want to visit the natural tourist attractions in Zanjan such as any of the caves.

Find the Best Hotels in Zanjan

Zanjan has many great hotels which are so close to its main tourist attractions. Some of the hotels are also located on the road to the natural tourist attractions to make it easier for the guests to get to these places. If you are looking for more affordable hotels, Park Hotel Zanjan and Sepehr Hotel Zanjan are both budget hotels in Zanjan which are located in the centre of the city with great access to most of the tourist attractions in Zanjan. But if you want to stay in a luxury hotel, you can choose the Zanjan Grand Hotel which is a 4-star luxury hotel beside a vast and green forest.

You can book Zanjan hotels on NCA Travels. We are here to help you find the best hotels and tours to the cities of Iran and we can plan you a great trip to Iran. If you want to visit Iran, you can consult with us for free before booking hotels or taking any tours.

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