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Most Popular Museums of Yazd

The city of Yazd is full of historical attractions which have been spread around the city. From the Jame Mosque of Yazd to the Zoroastrians’ Dakhmeh, this city has many stories to tell. But some of them have been collected in the museums. The museums of Yazd are so popular among tourists. Because each museum has its own world and even the building of the museums are tourist attractions. So, we are here to introduce you some of the most well-known museums in the city of Yazd.

Museum of Mirrors and Lighting

Museum of Mirrors which is also called the Palace of Mirrors is one of the most popular museums of Yazd which relates to lights and mirrors. In this museum, you can see a collection of different types of lights such as candle lights, oil burner lights, electric lights, and other ancient types. The oldest object of the Mirrors and Lights Museum is a kind of light dates back to the Sasanid era. The museum also has a collection of 124 types of mirrors.

The building of the museum, which is also a tourist attraction, was the house of a well-known family in Yazd. So even if you are not interested in the historical objects, this building worth visiting.

The Museum of Mirrors is located in Kashani Street which is one of the main streets of Yazd. The Mirrors and Lights Museum is close to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple.

Yazd Museums: Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum
Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum

Yazd Water Museum

The Yazd Water Museum is located on the north side of the Amir Chakhmaq Complex. The museum opened in 2000 to show the importance of water in the desert region such as Yazd. Some believe it is one of the best water museums in the world. It is one of the best museums of Yazd too.

Besides the importance of what this museum displays, the building of the museum is also one of the reasons you should visit this place. The building belonged to one of the traders in the Qajar era whose name was Mr.Kolahdooz. So the house has his name too. As its name says, all the objects in this museum relate to water. There are more than 200 ancient objects in this museum, from digging the canals in old times to the records and the documents about main canals in Yazd.

Yazd Water Museum
Yazd Water Museum

Iranian qanats or canals were one of the most important structures in this country. You can see different objects related to digging qanats in this museum. There are also some sculptures of people who are digging resembling the people from the past. There are even some containers presented in this museum. Since there was no piping in the past, there were special containers to keep water. Therefore, people put snow on these containers to keep water cold.

Yazd Water Museum is located in Qiam Street. Since it is near the Amir Chakhmaq Complex it is easily accessible on foot. The Khan Bazaar is also another Yazd attraction which is just 300 meters away from this museum.

Vaziri Museum

Just right at the corner of the Jame Mosque of Yazd, there is the biggest library in the city. Its name is the Vaziri Museum. Vaziri is the name of the person who opened this library. The library has a collection of historical objects and handwritten books and letters. As the Vaziri Museum is so close to the Jame Mosque of Yazd, it is one of the most visited museums of Yazd.

Heidarzadeh Museum of Coin and Anthropology

The old town of Yazd is full of beautiful traditional buildings. Some of them have been turned into the hotels and some are beautiful museums. The Heidarzadeh Museum of Coin and Anthropology is one of them. The museum has a collection of ancient coins that belonged to Mr.Heidarzadeh, who decided to open this museum and gifted all his collection to it. The ancient coins in this museum can tell the interesting story about ancient times. Information such as how people lived in those days or how they could trade with each other. Do not forget to take your time and check all parts of the building as it is so historical and beautiful.

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