Lariha House Yazd

About Lariha House Yazd

Lariha House is a historical house in the city of Yazd which belongs to 150 years ago (during the Qajar Era). It is one of the tourist attractions of Yazd that is located in the old town near the attractions such as the Alexander Prison.

Brief History about the Lariha House

Lariha House Yazd Yard
Lariha House Yazd Yard

“Lariha” are people from the city of Lar in Fars province. Most of them came to Yazd almost 270 years ago and settled down all around the city. The houses that they lived in called by their name, that’s why this historical house is called “Lariha House”. That’s because a family from Lar city lived here once. The family who lived in this house were wealthy and well-known, that’s why this house is still alive. Although it was abandoned so many years since the year of 1363 (solar year), it became part of the cultural heritage of Yazd city. Then after the years of renovation, finally in 1375 (solar year), the house was registered in the list of Iranian National Heritage. Today, the house is one of the greatest samples of the original Iranian architecture.

Lariha House Architecture

Like other old houses in the city of Yazd, the Lariha House architecture also consists of a yard and a building around it. However, the Lariha House has three yards. The main court is the biggest one which has a rectangular shape. It extends from northeast to south-west. The south-western part of the yard has an important role. In this section, there is an elevated part which is a special part of the yard for different seasons. Therefore, the southern court is the best place for the warmer seasons such as the summer. Because it is in shade and cooler than the northern yard. And the northern yard has the direct sunshine which is a great place for the winter.

Lariha House Yazd Windcatcher
Lariha House Yazd Windcatcher

The Lariha House also has a windcatcher which is on the southern part of the house. That’s because the role of the windcatcher is to cool down the place in the summertime. So the shade and the windcatcher both made this part of the house a great place to spend in the summertime.

The other thing that is so obvious in the architecture of the Lariha House is the privacy. It is so common in many old houses in the city of Yazd, the architects made the houses the way that nobody could see any part of it without the owner’s permission. So the windows open to the main court, not the street and nobody can see the court too. Therefore, it was so peaceful and comfortable for the ones who lived in these kinds of houses

There are two cellars located in this house. There were places to keep meat and other foods. The cellars are 6 meters down the ground and connect to the yard with 38 steps.

The house has 22 rooms, the rooms with three doors were for the kids, the ones with five doors were for the family.

As many other huge and aristocratic houses, the best room of the house belonged to the guests. Because the hosts wanted to honor the guests and give them the best and the most comfortable stay, they gave the best rooms to them.

The yard, the shade and the windcatcher alongside the adobe construction of the house are all the symbol of the deserted house architecture style.

Places nearby the Lariha House

The Lariha House is located in the old town, in Fahadan neighborhood. Therefore, it is close to many main tourist attractions of Yazd. The Alexander Prison is in walking distance. The other attraction that can be seen alongside this house is the Jame Mosque of Yazd which is reachable after 10 minutes walking. There are many café and restaurants around this place. Additionally, most of the hotels are situated in this part of the city. The nearest hotel to the Lariha House is the Fahadan Museum Hotel which is just 2 minutes away from this attraction.

Lariha House Yazd Yard
Lariha House Yazd Yard

How to Go to the Lariha House

As the Lariha House is located in the old town and the narrow streets of Fahadan neighborhood, you should walk to this place. First of all, if you are staying in any hotel in Fahadan or the old town, it is not only easily accessible by walking but also it will be enjoyable to walk the narrow streets of old town. From any other part of the city, you should first go to Emam Khomeini Street, then follow the old streets of Fahadan neighborhood. The Lariha House is open from 9 am till 19 pm every day.


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