Khan Complex, Yazd

About Khan Complex, Yazd

In every city of Iran, you can find an old area which consists of a bazaar. In the city of Yazd, this bazaar is part of a complex which are a square, a bazaar, and a traditional bath. They all have the name “Khan”. The Khan Complex dates back to the Qajar era. The most popular part of this complex is its bazaar.

Khan Bazaar

The Khan Bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in the city of Yazd which length is 274 meters and also has a height between 4 to 6 meters. There are 153 shops in this bazaar which are active today. In the past, the Khan Bazaar was just for the important and wealthy people who were called “Khan”. Therefore, it wasn’t possible for the general people to go to this bazaar. Today, it is not only open to all people but also a great tourist attraction of Yazd.

Khan Square

Khan Square is a part of the Khan Complex which has been built by Mohammad Taghi Khan in the Qajar era. The square also has the same architecture style as the bazaar. Aside from the Khan Bazaar, there are other buildings in this square which worth visiting. The Khan Traditional Bath is the most important among them. The Khan School is also another building in this square.

Khan Traditional Bath

Traditional Baths had an important role in the history of Iranian architecture. You can see many traditional baths in different cities such as Shiraz or Kashan. Although they are not used today most of them have been turned into museums or even restaurants. The Khan Traditional Bath in the city of Yazd is one of the most important Traditional Baths in Iran. In the past, it was a place where the most important people in the city would go. That’s why it is called “Khan Bath”.

As it is located in the Khan Bazaar, it is on the way of the tourists who go to check the old bazaar of Yazd. And it really worth visiting. The Khan Traditional Bath has been turned into a restaurant so you can enjoy your meal in an old bath and feel the atmosphere of the old days in this building.

Places nearby the Khan Complex

The Khan Complex is located in Qiyam Street. Therefore, it is close to the historical attractions of Yazd such as the Amir Chakhmaq Complex which is just 10 minutes away from this place. Mesgarha Bazaar is another great bazaar in Yazd which is in a walking distance. It will only take 5 minutes to get there on foot. The Khan Complex is also close to the Water Museum which is one of the greatest museums of Yazd.

The closest hotel to the Khan Complex is the Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel. It is as close as 5 minutes walking. You can also find some café and traditional restaurant in the walking distance of this attraction.

How to Get to the Khan Complex

The Khan Complex is situated in one of the main streets of Yazd and is also close to some of its main attractions. It is easily accessible from the Amir Chakhmaq Complex and any hotel near Qiyam Street.

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