Dowlat Abad Garden in Yazd

About Dowlat Abad Garden

Dowlat Abad Garden is one of the oldest gardens in the city of Yazd. It is also one of the 9th Iranian gardens which have been registered in the list of UNESCO. This garden is one of the most charming tourist attractions in the city of Yazd. One of the reasons that the Dowlat Abad Garden is so popular is its windcatcher which is the tallest in the world.

A Brief History of the Dowlat Abad Garden

The Dowlat Abad Garden history dates back to more than 200 years ago (built around 1750). It was constructed during the Afsharid era as a residence for the ruler of the time. Mohammad Taghi Khan (who was also known as the Great Khan) built this huge garden outside of the city in a place where was full of different trees. Being surrounded by too many trees had made the building hidden from others’ sights. Therefore, it could be a great place for a ruler to live. It was once a residence of Persian regent Karim Khan Zand.

With the extension of the city during the Qajar era, the garden, which was outside of the city became part of the city and the Charminar neighborhood. Then during the Pahlavi era, the neighborhood became bigger and bigger, many buildings constructed around the garden and huge streets connected this part of the city to the old town. After a while, the Dowlat Abad Garden, which was once outside of the city, found itself not only inside of the city but also in the city center.

The Dowlat Abad Garden was abandoned for many years. The renovation started in 1348 (solar year) and lasted for more than 20 years. Reconstruction needed in some parts of the garden and also gardening started in the sections of the area to make this building viable again. The total area of the garden is approximately 40,000 square meters today. Although the renovation made this building seem like new, it didn’t become as great or popular as before. Nevertheless, the Dowlat Abad Garden is so well-known in Iran and the world and also is a must-see tourist attraction in Yazd.

Dowlat Abad Garden Different Sections

First of all, the Dowlat Abad Garden divides into two parts, the indoor and the outdoor. The indoor which was the private place for the kings and its family consists of four main buildings. Three of them are vestibule and one is a hall. Parts of the winter rooms are visible too but the rest of the buildings of the garden have gone today. The most important building of this garden is the vestibule or what is called “Hashti”.

“Hashti” is a building with two floors which has the shape of an octagonal. It has three rooms for the kings with a marble pond, a windcatcher room, and two other rooms. The colorful windows of each place cause beautiful harmony when the sun shines to the building. There is a big pool in front of the building which not only makes a great view of the building but also helps the building become cool, especially in the summertime.

Without the doubt, the most significant part of the Dowlat Abad Garden is its windcatcher which located on top of the “Hashti”. The windcatcher is the tallest in the world.

The other part of the garden is outdoor. It was the place for people to gather for the ceremonies or the sports events. It was also a place to deploy the caravans. There are other buildings in the outdoor such as the mirror halls, two watchtowers, a cistern, a harem, entrance mansion, Tehran mansion, and another vestibule with a windcatcher.

The garden itself, with a symmetrical design, has the beautiful trees of sour orange and pomegranates.

Dowlat Abad Garden Wind Catcher

The windcatchers are so common in the city of Yazd, which also has the nickname of “the city of the windcatchers”. The windcatcher of the Dowlat Abad Garden is the most popular one in this city. With the height of 33.8 meters, the windcatcher is the tallest in the world.

The Dowlat Abad Garden windcatcher located on the vestibule (or Hashti). The windcatcher is also octagonal and in the form of a prism. There is a pool under it. With the help of the water of the pool, the windcatcher leads the wind to the building, especially the parts dedicated to the kings, and cooled down the place. It works as an air conditioner in the past days.

The role of Water in the Dowlat Abad Garden

The water has an important role in this beautiful garden. There are many ponds with fountains all around the garden and you can see water in this garden more than any other Persian gardens in Iran. As mentioned before, the water of the ponds also helped the windcatcher cool down the Hashti. So that’s another reason why there are so many water ponds in this place.

It seems that the presence of water was important before the construction of this building. As the Great Khan had built a deep aqueduct with the depth of 65 meters in this place many years before building this garden. This aqueduct is the source of all the waters in this garden.

Places nearby the Dowlat Abad Garden

The Dowlat Abad Garden is not so close to the old town in the Charminar neighborhood. It is almost 15 minutes far from the other tourist attractions of Yazd such as the Jame Mosque of Yazd or the Alexander Prison. There are some restaurants and shopping malls around this landmark.

There is also a coffee shop inside the Dowlat Abad Garden where people can sit and enjoy their time in such a beautiful place.

How to Go to Dowlat Abad Garden

Since most tourists like to stay in the old town, they just can take a taxi to this place. But there’s also a bus stop near the entrance of the garden which name is “Shehneh”. From this station to the Dowlat Abad Garden is just 10 minutes walking. The Dowlat Abad Garden is located in the Dowlat Abad Boulevard between the Enghelab and Motahhari streets.

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