Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd

About Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd

The Amir Chakhmaq Complex in the name of a square in Yazd which was constructed almost 400 years ago (during the Timurid dynasty). This complex consists of a square, a reservoir, a monastery, a school, a caravanserai, a water well, a bazaar and a mosque. Although, several buildings such as the bathhouse, the caravanserai, the monastery, the cold water wells, and the confectionery have destroyed over time and there is no trace of them today.

The Amir Chakhmaq Complex is notable by its symmetrical sunken alcoves. The stunning three-story façade of this complex in one of the largest of its kind in Iran. It’s a great place to take photography at night because the exteriors glow and make brilliant scenery in the darkened of the night. Somehow it is known as the symbol of the city.

A Brief History of Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq Complex landmark in Yazd
Amir Chakhmaq Complex landmark in Yazd

Amir Jalaleddin Chakhmaq was the governor of Yazd during Timurid dynasty (15th-16th century). With the help of his wife, Fatemeh Khatun, they decided to build a place in the center of the city for people to gather for the big events. Based on this decision, he ordered to build this complex. The Amir Chakhmaq Complex became one of the most significant historical sites of Yazd.

Many Parts of the complex destroyed until the 18th century, such as the caravanserai. But then it was reconstructed in the same place. However, till the 19th century, the complex still had some erosion and needed reconstruction. Most of the changes in the square were formed in the Pahlavi era which related to modernization. In that time, new streets connected the Bazaar to the Amir Chakhmaq Complex. They also made some big changes in the square which also led to the demolition of the caravanserai. It was according to developing the square in a more orderly rectangular shape.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex Mosque

There is a mosque in this square is even older than the whole complex. Its previous name was the Old Mosque but now it is known as Amir Chakhmaq mosque. The Amir Chakhmaq Complex was established on the north side of this mosque. The mosque has a huge dome with a beautiful gallery and is built with marble stones.  It is the second most important mosque in the city after the Jame Mosque of Yazd.

The wooden palm in the Amir Chakhmaq Square

Amir Chakhmaq Complex wooden palm
In Muharram, the wooden palm in the Amir Chakhmaq Complex is covered with black clothes.

There is a huge wooden palm located under the Amir Chakhmaq Complex. It is more than 200 years old. It is a place

where people gather during Ashura and do their ceremonies. For one or two days, the wooden palm dresses in black clothes.

Places nearby

The Amir Chakhmaq Complex locates in the old texture of the city which makes it so close to other tourist attractions of Yazd, such as the Yazd Water Museum. It will just take 4 minutes to walk to this museum from the square. The Yazd Khan bazaar and Mesgarha Bazaar are among the other tourist attractions of Yazd which are close to the Amir Chakhmaq Square. The nearest hotel to this site is Malek Al-Tojjar hotel which is a 4-star traditional hotel in one of the oldest houses of the city.

How to go to Amir Chakhmaq Complex

If you are staying in of the hotels in the old texture of the city, the Amir Chakhmaq Complex is easily accessible on foot. But if anyone would like to take a car from other parts of the city, it is a famous square where all the taxi drivers know. Otherwise, you can just go to the crossroad of the Imam and Qiyam Street.



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