Yazd the heritage city of Iran

Do you want to experience a tour filled with thrill and adventure? If so, you are at the perfect place. Here, we will let you experience the perfect combination of nature, culture and adventure– all three-in-one NCA experience that too in the desert. Yes, we are talking about the Yazd province of Iran. A perfect tourist place where safety and adventure will let you enjoy your vacation like nothing before. Let us have a look at the details of the desert city, Yazd in Iran, to fulfil your travel goals.

Geographical location and climate

Popularly known as the city of wind catcher, Yazd is the capital of the Yazd province, Iran. The city is located 270 km south-east of Esfahan, covering an area of 131,575 square kilometres. Specifically it is located at the meeting point of two deserts– Dasht-e-Kavir and Dasht-e-Lut deserts.

Being a city in the midst of two deserts, the climate is extreme. It is one of the driest major cities in Iran. With no humidity, it has extreme summer and winter seasons. In summer, the temperature rises above 40°C, and in winter the temperature may fall below 0°C. In summer, the days remain blazing with sun rays and winter days are mild and sunny, but at night it becomes freezing. City is blessed with only 60 mm annual rainfall.


Being an Old Persian city, Yazd history can be traced back to 5,000 years from now. At first, it was known as Ysatis. However, the present name, has been derived from the name of a Persian ruler, Yazdegerd I. During the Sassanid time, this city was a Zoroastrian. As it is located at the meeting point of two big deserts, it was protected from any kind of outside invasion. Even, in the middle age, many people migrated from other countries during Mongol Invasion. In 1272, Marco Polo visited this city and described Yazd as a “Good and noble city with a great amount of trade.”

During 14th century, here was the capital of Muzaffarid Dynasty. In the 16th century was ruled by Safavid, and during the 18th century it was ruled by Qajar Dynasty and the ruler was Bakhtiari Khan.

Yazd had a very family-cantered culture which is considered as one of the noblest things. This is why the divorce rate is lowest in Iran.


According to the 2011 Iranian census, the population of Yazd is about 580,000. People here speak Persian, however, the accent is different from what is spoken in other cities of Iran. Majority of people are Muslim. But a small portion of people are Zoroastrians. People in Yazd has many different rituals and customs, each being inherited from a ruling dynasty in the history of the city. Yazd celebrates many different festivals like Nou-rooz, Seheh Gahanbar, Shabe Chelle and etc.

Local foods

Yazd is famous for its local sweets which will surely please your sweet tooth. Shirini (special Persian sweets), Ghotab ( a kind of pastry), baklava, Pashmak (Persian candy floss), Gaz are some of the famous local foods of Yazd.


Yazd is a cultural city and a commercial center. There are many different handicrafts among which are Giveh (Shoemaking), coloured tiles making, knife making.

Famous people from Yazd

Some of the most renowned are Mohammad Khatami (Former President of Iran), Mirza Mohammad Yazdi (poet and politician), Vashi Bafghi (Poet), Moshe Katsav (Former President of Israel), Mehdi Azar Yazdi (famous author of Children stories), etc.

Yazd Tourist Attractions

The city of “windward”, is a perfect place for dry natural and pure cultural attractions.

Being an Old Persian city, Yazd is called the Heritage city of Iran. It has many famous historical and architectural sites like Jame Mosque, Fort Mosque, Tower of Silence, Fire temple, etc. Amongst cultural experience, Persian architecture tops the list. Climate shaped out the culture in here, producing the largest ‘qanats’ in the world. Yazd is a major Zoroastrian center and is very important site to followers. In the famous ‘Fire Temple’ the fire has been kept alight continuously since 470 AD. Also, you can see some beautiful execution of Persian mosaics in the Jame Mosque. Apart from these, Pir-e-Nanak is the most famous pilgrimage destination for Zoroastrianism in Iran.

Travelers Note

If you want to take some different routes, apart from the artistic side, adventure is just at your door step. Being located at the meeting point of two big deserts, the desert safari can be an adventurous experience for your lifetime. The deserted Kharanaq village is another example of the adventurous spot. Reportedly inhabited for over 1000 years, this village is abandoned nowadays. However, you may find some farmers in the maze of mud bricks. And if you want to experience some hard-core adventure, go for mountain climbing. Shirkooh, Eagle and Brfkhanh can be the perfect mountainous adventure spot. Also, the thrilling Nabati caves can give you some true adventure goals.

Along with adventure, you cannot just simply deny the natural beauty of Yazd. Shirkooh Mountain and Brfkhanh Mountain are famous for their inexplicable beauty. Besides mountains, the desert will never fail to woo you with her flawless infinite horizontal beauty. Apart from these, Nabati natural cave and many artificial parks will help you to enjoy the natural beauty of this city.

It is amazing, how a small province in Iran can give you such a wonderful experience. So, do not miss out the chance and experience the beauty of Yazd in all possible manners.

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