Vardij Village

The Vardij Village in the Tehran, Iran

In the west of the capital city of Iran and along the road in the heart of the Alborz-mountains, there is a small and quiet village called Vardij. Vardij Village the tourist place has the most spectacular stone structures in nature. This beautiful place is very popular for its stone giants. The stones of mountains are look like giant human head.

Introducing Vardij Village

One of the places to visit in Tehran is “Vardavard” area. Above this area, there is a mountainous asphalted road. The structure of which is like the road to the Imamzadeh of Davood. This beautiful path is along the river that runs deep in the west of the “Can” area. And ultimately ends up in the village of Vardij village.

Vardij village is part of Sulqan district of Tehran and recently it is part of Tehran’s 22nd city district.

At an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level, the “Shahid Vahidji Street” marks the entrance to the first village of this route, which is the village of Vardij. Vardij is the largest village in the northwest part of Tehran. And its water is supplied by numerous springs, especially the Shah spring.

Pools in the north of this village are used to collect waters from rivers, springs and surface waters that is for irrigation of gardens and drinking water in the village. In the middle of the village, widespread gardens of walnut, apples, persimmons, berries and shattute have created beautiful scenery.

Villagers are located in the southernmost part. The broken windows show that a large number of them are empty. Among the houses of the natives, there are large, small, colorful villas that are the place for the weekend of the Tehranians. These buildings are considered to be a patchwork for the architecture of this village.

Due to its location in the mountainous region, the climate of this village is warm and cool in the warm seasons of year. And in cold seasons is cold and dry. The coldness of the area is so hard that it causes the villagers to leave the village during the cold seasons.

The Tourism Attractions of Vardij Village

The “Lat Mal” waterfall and the slope of “stone ghosts” are two unique attractions in the Vardij village.

Lat Mal waterfall

  • “Lat” means stone and “Mal” means rubbing. And this waterfall name is an allegory of rubbing water on rocks. Seasonal rivers flow from mid-winter to late spring. It takes about an hour to walk from the main road to reach the “Lat Mal” waterfall. This cascade consists of three small and submerged waterfalls that have created a special beauty. The first waterfall is 5 meters high and the second cascade is slightly taller, but the third cascade is actually the main waterfall of the Lat Mal, which is 35 meters tall and flows down like stairs.

Slope of Stone Ghosts

  • There are many myths and beliefs about these rocks. Some believe that these gems are full of caverns left over by an old castle that built along the road. These Stones have created a fascinating landscape with their particular shapes. These shapes are mostly in the form of human skulls and bodies of wild animals. And maybe for many, there is the question of whether the rocks have been alive or livers have been rocks?

Geological science recognizes this due to a particular type of wind erosion. That depicts a unique example of the changes in the texture of the earth.

Best time to travel to the Vardij village

This tourist spot is spectacular in all four seasons of year. The blooms in the spring give a new looks to nature and create scenic landscapes. In summer it is green everywhere and a cool breeze is flowing. Autumn throws up thousands of colors everywhere. And the snow blurs everywhere in the Tehran winter uniformly.

But it’s one of the good destinations to escape the heat of summer and the polluted air of Tehran. You Need a caution to travel to this area in the winter. But the experience of walking on the new snow is a special attraction.

If you are interest in walking, the route of the Lat Mal waterfall is a good choice for you.
There are no accommodation facilities in this village. But you can stay in Tehran’s hostels or hotels or its neighboring towns and spend one day visiting these villages. Also, camping in this area can bring you an exciting experience. Camping in this beautiful area is also very enjoyable and there are good places to go.

How to access to Vardij Village

If you are planning to go to this beautiful area, you will see the “Vardij” sign in the end of “Hemmat -West” highway along with the lake. You can enter to Vardij Village by passing a mountain road about 10 km in length, with a height of about 500 meters altitude.

Also on the “Tehran-Karaj” Highway, you can go to the “Shahid Ardestani” street from the back of the “Vardavard” Petrol Station and enter the mountain road of this bay.

Some of the nearby hotels are:

  • “Pazhohesh” Hotel with an approximate time of 20 minute to “Mehrabad” Airport
  • “Olympic” Hotel near the “Azadi” Stadium (one of the famous places in Iran)
  • “Academy” Hotel near the “Azadi” Stadium with 18 rooms

Some of the other tourist attractions near the Vardij Village are:

  • Chitgar artificial lake
  • Chitgar Park
  • Javanmardan Park
  • Eram park
  • Azadi Stadium
  • Tehran waterfall
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