Sa’dabad Complex

Sa’dabad Complex

The historical cultural complex of Sa’adabad is known as a collection of mansions and palaces, which located in Darband, the northern and most peaceful area of Tehran. And The Sa’dabad complex has about 180 hectares of natural forest, springs, aqueducts, garden gardens, greenhouses and streets.

This is one of the best Tehran attractions that all the Iran tourism should visit there.

There are eighteen small and large palaces of Qajar and Pahlavi periods in Sa’dabad complex:

1- Ahmad Shahi Palace

This palace is the oldest palace in Sa’dabad. And it was built at the end of the reign of Ahmad Shah Qajar. And it was began its construction in 1297.

2. Shahvand Palace (Green Palace Museum)

One of the most beautiful royal palaces in Iran. It is located at a high point in the northwest of Sa’adabad.

3. The White House (Mellat Palace Museum)

This palace is the largest one in the Sa’adabad complex. And it has been renowned for the White House due to its white appearance.

4- Private Palace

This palace is located west of the Museum of Fine Arts. Also The palace was used as a Museum of Natural History in the early years after the Iranian Revolution.

5- Asvad Palace (Black) Art Museum

6. Shams Palace (Museum of Anthropology)

The Museum of Anthropology is the former palace of Shams Pahlavi, that is located on the northwest side of Sa’adabad.

7. Ashraf Palace (Museum of Utensils and Handicrafts)

The Museum of Containers is located in the east of Saadabad’s historic cultural-historical complex.

8- Gholam Reza Palace

9. Mother Queen’s Palace

This palace, during Pahlavi, was the place of the last years in life of Reza Shah. And the residence of the mother of the Shah (Taj al-Muluk) until the time of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

10- Ahmad Reza Palace

11. Building of Abdolreza

12. Bahman Pahlavi (Gholam Reza’s son) Palace

This palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Pahlavi era. And the home of Bahman, the son of Gholamreza Pahlavi.

13. Shahram (son of Ashraf) Palace (military museum)

14. Farideh Diba Palace (Art Museum)

15. The old palace crown prince Reza Pahlavi (Behzad Museum)

The miniature museum of Professor Hossein Behzad located in the central part of Sa’adabad. And also the museum’s building dates back to the late Qajar and early Pahlavi periods.

16. The new palace crown prince Reza Pahlavi

17. Palace of Farahnaz and Alireza, sons of Mohammad Reza Shah (Museum of the Line and Book Miramad)

The museum located in the central part of Sa’adabad. And the museum building has two floors, the residence of two of the sons of the king (Farahnaz and Alireza).

After the revolution in Iran, the building dedicated to the screening of monuments.

18. Leila Palace (Aqueduct Museum)

The Aqueduct Museum is located in the central part of Sa’adabad.

This building was the summer residence of Leila Pahlavi, the youngest daughter of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. And this palace is also the newest building in the collection.

How to access to Sa’dabad Complex:

You can go to Sa’dabad Complex from 2 main doors.

Darband Gate:

By train:

Use the subway, line 1 up to the last station (Tajrish Square). There are taxis to Sa’dabad Complex in Qods square by the subway station and also at Jafari Street in Tajrish Square.

By car:

Take Darband Street on the north side of Tajrish Square up to Darband Square.

Please note that Sa’dabad Complex has no parking.

Zaferanieh Gate:

By train:

Use the subway, line 1 up to the last station (Tajrish Square). And there is no direct taxi to zaferanieh Gate, so use Asef taxies in Maleki Street On the west side of Tajrish. And walk for 10 minutes from Taheri Street to Sa’dabad.

By car:

Go to Valiasr Avenue from Tajrish Square. And then turn right to Shahid Fallahi Street (Zaferanieh). And turn to Shahid Taheri Street at your right side.

Please note that Sa’dabad has no parking but you can find parking in Streets around.


Shahid Kamal Taheri Street, Shahid Fallahi Street (Zaferanieh), Valiasr Avenue, Tajrish Squere, Tehran.

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