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Niavaran Complex Garden
Niavaran Complex Garden

Niavaran Complex is a historical tourist attraction in Tehran which dates back to the Qajar and the Pahlavi eras. It consists of different palaces which were once the residence of the king and his family. It is located in the north of the city beside a lush and green park which has the same name, Niavaran Park. Therefore, it has a great atmosphere. However, the Niavaran Complex might not be as old as other tourist attractions of Tehran such as the Golestan Palace, but it is one of the most important ones as the last king of Iran lives there.

A Brief History about Niavaran Complex

Since the Niavaran region of Tehran had a great atmosphere and good weather, it was chosen as the summer residence of Fath Ali Shah, who was one of the kings of the Qajar dynasty. But it was Naser Aldin Shah who built one of the most significant monuments in this area which was called the Saheb Gharaniye Palace. It is also the oldest monument of this complex which still exists. Another palace which was built during the Qajar era was the Pavillion of Ahmad Shah, as its name indicates, it was the palace of the last king of the Qajar dynasty.

Niavaran Palace Tehran Tourist Attraction
Niavaran Palace Tehran

But what you see in this complex was mostly built during the Pahlavi Kingdom. During this time, some of the small buildings of this complex were demolished. The new palaces were built instead which were more opulent and luxurious. The main palace which was the residence of Mohammad Reza Shah and his family constructed in 1959. However, it took almost 10 years to complete.

At first, it was supposed to be a place for serving guests from around the world. But then it turned in to a place for Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and his family to live.

There is a private library in this complex which consists of almost 23000 books, mostly in the Persian and French languages. Most of the books relate to philosophy.

Niavaran Palace Architecture

Niavaran Palace Tehran Tourist Attraction
Niavaran Palace Tehran Mirror Room

The Niavaran Palace, which is built with the modern style, is situated at the northeastern side of the Niavaran Garden. It has clearly a different style than the two other palaces of the complex. It is also bigger than both as a 9000 square meters of the area has been dedicated to it.

The Niavaran palace, which is now the main palace of the complex, consists of two floors. The first floor was for serving the guests, the last was dedicated to the bedrooms and the private places for the family. There is a half-floor between these two floors which was the working office of the king. The bedroom of the youngest girl in the family was located on this floor too.

The greatest and best designers and architects were chosen to build this place. Therefore, you can see the most beautiful plasters and mirror in the rooms of this palace.

The Niavaran Palace is also the only royal palace in Iran which has an opening ceiling. However, today it might not be possible to see the ceiling opens because of the different conditions.

Niavaran Palace after the Revolution

After the revolution of Iran in 1979, when the king and his family left Iran, this palace was conquered. After a while, it turned into a museum for people to visit. Therefore, you can see how the king of Iran was living a few decades ago.

Reasons to visit Niavaran Complex

Places nearby Niavaran Complex

This historical attraction is situated in the north of Tehran, in Niavaran region, which is one of the most luxurious and modern parts of the city. Therefore, it is very close to DarAbad wildlife and nature museum.  It will only take 6 minutes to get there by car. Jamshidiyeh Park is another natural attraction in Tehran which is near the Niavaran Complex. It is 3 km away from this place. There are many great cafes and restaurants around this place too.

How to get to Niavaran Complex

It will not be so easy to get to this place directly by bus or metro. However, there is a bus stop near the Niavaran Park which is just 800 meters away from the Niavaran Complex. Therefore, you can get there in 15 minutes on foot. Most of the times, people choose taxies. So if you are staying in any hotels near a metro station, you can take the metro and land off in Tajrish metro station. From this square, it will be easy to take a taxi to the Niavaran Square. The Niavaran Complex is just a few steps away from the square.

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