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About Moghadam Museum

Tehran is full of the old houses which have been turned into museums. Some of them were the houses of famous people of the city such as the Moghadam Museum which also called Moghadam House. This museum is one of the most beautiful houses you can see in this city.

A Brief History about Moghadam Museum

Moghadam Museum Tehran
Moghadam Museum Yard

The house dates back to the Qajar era. It belonged to one of the royals of that time whose name was Mohammad Taghi Khan Ehtesab ol-Molk. It was one of the most luxurious houses of that time. However, today you still can see one of the most brilliant architectures in this house.

After his death, the house was inherited by his son- Mohsen Moghadam- who was studying art and archeology in Europe. When he came back, he lived in this house with his French wife for a long time. At that time, Mohsen Moghadam was a professor at the University of Tehran. He always had an artistic attitude, so he made some changes in the house which made this house even more unique.

What to see at the Moghadam Museum?

Professor Moghadam was an archeologist, so in this museum, you can see the valuable things he had brought out from the ground during these years. However, not all the objects have been found by himself. He bought some of them from the people who wanted to sell or destroy their old houses.

Moghadam Museum Tehran
Moghadam Museum Tehran

Besides the attractive and the valuable ancient objects in this museum, the house itself is so charming. Each room has distinctive plaster modeling and the courtyard is also a different world. There is a lovely pond in front of the main building which has a great view from the balcony of the house. Moreover, the yard is full of trees and colorful flowers, so even walking in the yard is an exceptional experience.

Professor Moghadam is not only admired for his job as an archeologist, but he was also a great artist too who has designed the remarkable sign of the University of Tehran. The process of sketching this sign has been exhibited in this museum. Professor Moghadam died in 1973. But before his death, he dedicated this house and all of its valuable works and belongings to the University of Tehran. Today, this house is one of the historical houses of the city which has the most valuable objects of the ancient time. The Moghadam Museum is one of the top 10 tourist attraction in Tehran which should be on the list of every traveler.

Moghadam Museum Yard
Moghadam Museum Yard

Places nearby Moghadam Museum

Moghadam Museum is located in Imam Khomeini Street very close to Hassan Abad Square. The distance between the Moghadam Museum and the National Museum of Iran is just 1 km. You can reach to this place after a 12- minute walk. You can also visit another museum in this way which is the Tehran Peace Museum located in City Park. The closest hotel to this attraction is Golestan hotel which is reachable on foot in less than 10 minutes.

How to get to the Moghadam Museum

Moghadam Museum is situated in a place where is full of public transportations options. The best way to get to the Moghadam Museum might be the metro. Hassan Abad metro station is just a few steps away from this museum. Therefore, it might be the best choice for guests who are not staying in hotels near the museum. If you would like to take a bus, the bus stop in Valiasr Street is just 3 minutes away from this location.

The museum is open from Sunday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm.

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