Masoudieh Palace

The Masoudieh Palace in the capital city of Iran, Tehran

In the middle of Tehran city, a historic building with a lifetime of approximately 140 years is located. This mansion is in an area of approximately 4000 square meters and is one of the tourist places in Tehran. According to reports related to the tourist attractions of Iran, every year more than thousands of tourists visit this historic place in Tehran. This place is one of the must see places to visit in Iran due to its beautiful architecture, historical value and easy access.

History of Masoudieh palace:

Masoudieh palace is one of the ancient monuments from old Tehran and Qajariyyeh. It is very important in terms of architecture as well as historical events that have occurred in it. Every day, many domestic and foreign tourists come to the Masoudieh palace to visit its beautiful architecture, spend moments in it and stay away from Urban Population for a while.

The building located in Tehran, Baharestan square, that registered in 1999 as one of Iran’s national monuments.

The garden was built by order of the Ruler of Isfahan, “Masoud Mirza”, the son of “Naser al-Din Shah Qajar “. In fact the name of this mansion taken from name of this person.

Masoud Mirza had furnished the mansion with the best domestic and foreign means of life so that the extremists were clearly visible in the remaining photos. He writes in his memoirs:

‘’We entered Tehran without warning .We went to our very splendid house, which was the best house in Tehran at those days. One of the luxuries of the mansion was six thousand pots of flowers and six hundred iron bowls of orange. In this journey wedding of the child of Jalal-al-Doleh happened. Not at my own wedding, nor at the wedding of my brothers and sisters, we never had such a splendid ceremony‘’

Architecture and usage of Masoudieh palace

The garden is one of the Tehran’s beautiful places. And built on an area of approximately 4,000 square meters and includes the exterior and interior and some buildings listed below:

The new buildings list is:

It is possible to say that the main buildings referred by two buildings located on the southern yard (Divan-Khaneh and Sofreh-Khaneh), have not undergone significant changes, but the western body and the eastern body are generally destroyed. The house of Moshirieh and the house of Sayyed-Javadi have also undergone changes that come from the changes of time (possibly the first period of the Pahlavi in about 1931), so that rebuilding of them is not very complex. The entrance of the carriage has maintained almost as much as it is.

Masoudieh palace in historical memories:

The Masoudieh palace is a historical site of Iran. It witnessed many events during its years of life. This place was one of the constitutional bases for the opposition of Mohamed Ali Shah In the age of Constitutional Movement that called “Jonbesh-Mashrouteh”. This happened because of its proximity to the Baharestan Square and started by dispute between Masoud-Mirza and his brother Mozaffar-al-Din Shah and his child. In 1908, near the mansion, a homemade bomb exploded under Muhammad Ali Shah’s carriage, which gave him an reason to attack parliament. After the incident, the house of Masoudieh and house of Zahir-al-doleh and other houses of the fighters of this movement attacked and shot by bullets.

The mansion contained many of the country’s cultural buildings. The first library and the Iranian National Museum established somewhere in the house. In 1925, the Education Association launched the first official library in one of the room of this house, which later became the basic foundation of the National Library. A few years later, another room was devoted to artifacts that gathered from various zones of Iran, and in fact the first Iranian museum was founded. The antiques here moved to the National Museum in 1939.

The Masoudieh palace used as Cadet College between 1963 and a964,for a short period of time.

In 1966, by separating the education ministry from culture and art ministry, the building was given to the ministry of education and the first Ministry of Education was settled there.

How to go to and access Masoudieh palace in Tehran

You have a simple way to reach the Masoudieh palace. This mansion is bold in Tehran travel guide because of its location in Baharestan-one of the most famous places in Iran.

The first way is to go to the Mellat station through Tehran metro map line 2. And then go to Ekbatan Street. The entrance of the Masoudieh palace is on the street.

Also from the subway station, you can go to the southwest side of the Baharestan Plaza. Then get to the entrance to the Masoudieh palace in Ekbatan Street, but you will take a longer route. Also, if you have the intention of using bus, you can use buses that go to the Baharestan square. It’s obvious that Tehran taxi is also available to reach to this important place in the center of capital city of Iran.

The entrance to the Masoudieh palace is 50,000 Rial (about 1.3$) per person. Some parts of the mansion are repairing that will certainly be added to the attractions of tourism after completing it.

Some of the nearby hotels are:

Also some of the other tourist attractions near the Masoudieh palace are:

Finally in this introduction we hope to see you in Tehran and also it’s beautiful places.

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