Iranian Art Museum Garden

Iranian Art Museum Garden in the Tehran

The Iranian Art Museum Garden is one of the tourism destinations in the city of Tehran .After the renovations made in 2005, its doors opened to tourists.
The garden has many attractions such as exhibitions and workshops of art, green spaces and Persian garden. There is a center for selling handicrafts and cultural products. But one of the most important attractions of this garden is the maquettes (scaled models) of spectacular and historical places of Iran. They requested from Italian well known artists for the 2500th anniversary of the Imperial Palace.

Introducing of Iranian Art Museum Garden

The Iranian Art Museum Garden with area of less than one hectare located in the Elahiyeh zone of Tehran. It’s architectural related to the first Pahlavi era. This building with its renovations that started in 2005 changed its use to the Iranian Art Museum Garden in 2007. The museum garden said to a place that maintains and displays of art handmade. And also provide a peaceful and beautiful place that makes the visitors relax.
In this garden, historical artworks have displayed according to the history of Iran since ancient times. These works featured as a symbol and shows in a beautiful green space, which is a memorial of old small Iran for people.
The current parts of the garden are: the gallery called “Negar Khaneh”, the broadcast of film, art workshops, the cultural stuff and works of the Iranian sculptors’ store.

Artworks of Iranian Art Museum Garden

These artworks can be divided into two general parts:
• The first category includes the maquettes of ancient monuments. And the volumetric (wood and metal) works of some contemporary artists that can be viewed all the times.
• Other category is artworks that available in garden space, gallery and garden walls, which exposed to the public in a limited period of time. Expert workshops (teaching and certificating system) are such opportunities that are accessible in the garden.

Maquettes in the Iranian Art Museum Garden

In the early 1970s, a number of replicas of the most famous monuments of Iran created by Italian artists. At the year 2005 the 12 of them unveiled in the museum garden, which made very delicate and precise. These works are valuable replicas not only due to their artistic value. They also have an artistic aspect and fully illustrate the historical evolution of Iranian architecture from before Islam to the last decade. And their placement along the path of a maze creates a sense of transit through various historical layers in visitors. And give visitors a fast overall look at Iran by expense and feel the presence of the different cities.
The maquettes of Historical monuments including:

“Hasht Behesht”, “Chehel Sotun”, “Gonbad Ghabus”, “Shamsol Emareh”, ” Si-o-se-pol”, “Mahyar Caravanserai”, ” Fin Garden of Kashan”, ” Naqsh-e Rustam”, “Azadi Tower”,”Milad Tower”, ” Tomb of Daniel”, ” St. Thaddeus Monastery”.
Among the replicas, other maquetts located in the corners of the garden, which are the artworks of both Iranian and foreign artists. These works are the favorites of the first Symposium of Sculpture in Chitgar, Tehran, in the year 2005 and have significant artistic value. The works of European and Asian artists from the Netherlands to Iraq and Iran are in this category.

How to access to Iranian Art Museum Garden

One of the must see places in Tehran is Iranian Art Museum Garden. To reach this museum garden, you can go to the Tajrish station through the Tehran metro map and exit the station to the southwest side of Tajrish Square. Then from “Maqsud Beyk” Street with a Tehran taxi or with 15 to 20 minutes’ walk; you can reach to this museum garden.

Also, if you are planning to go with a private car, you can go through “Valiasr” street to reach the “Parkway” and then go to “Fereshteh” Street (Shahid Fayazi) and through the “Bosnia and Herzegovina” Street you can reach to the Iranian Art Museum Garden. Note that this place does not have a parking lot and you will find it hard to find a place for the park.

Some of the nearby Tehran hotels to Iranian Art Museum Garden are:
– 4 star “Sepehr” Hotel apartment near the museum garden
– 3 star “Diamond” Hotel with an approximate of 5 minutes to museum garden
– 5 star “Esteghlal” Hotel with an approximate of 7 kilometers to museum garden

Some of the other tourist attractions near the Iranian Art Museum Garden are:
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– Mellat Park
– Imamzadeh Ghasem
– Time Museum
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