Darband Area in Tehran

One of the best points of interest in the capital city of Iran is Darband. Darband is a tourism offer in Tehran so that all domestic and foreign tourists must see this place. A great place to have a delicious meal in Tehran and along with a variety of meals offers a beautiful landscape of nature.
If you interested in climbing the path to the “Tochal” and other Alborz mountain peaks can be a great option for you.
The environment of Darband includes: the beautiful river through the rocks and restaurants and the pleasant whispers of passersby and travelers in the spectacular background of Tehran’s nature are interested enough to attract every tourist to this beautiful place.


Introducing Darband

Darband is one of the oldest zones in Tehran and is located in the old villages of “Shemiran”. Also it is in the north of garden of “Saadabad” Palace. Darband neighborhood is one of the coolest and most popular tourism destinations in Tehran. It located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level and is the start of one of the main ways that climbers climb to the central Alborz.

During the Qajar period, some of the Qajar princes were living here. At the village of Darband, under the command of Reza Shah, they built a guesthouse and several villas. Because the “Sarband” neighborhood was a bottleneck, a large bridge was built on the river. Before arriving at Sarband Square there is Diplomat hotel on the left side of the river. This place until MohammadReaza Shah’s Mid-epoch was the only grand hotel in Tehran for major foreign guests.


Attractions of Darband:


The history of the creation of Chairlift began about 40 years ago. and at first the people of the village used it to travel to the village . Also climbers used it for mountainous trails. After a while, ordinary people, who came to this area for fun and excursion, traveled to the higher points of Darband and set up a picnic spot in the eye-catching, mountainous landscape.

Good Weather

There is a nice atmosphere that is accompanied by a cool climate of river and the warmness of presence of people and friends.  So this is not seen elsewhere in Tehran. In addition, the existence of old houses left from the past decades and the local people and and the donkeys that move the burden of villagers and shopkeepers, all add to the charm of this beautiful place.

Nights of Darband

The nights of Darband for many people are more beautiful than its days. Many Tehranians prefer to spend the night on this zone. There are spectacular look of lights. The lights multiply the color of the shops and the walking paths. The quiet whisper of water and the warmness of people presence will provide you an awesome experience of night in the Darband.

Delicious foods in Darband

For most people, the main entertainment is the variety of delicious foods that offered in this place. Enjoying delicious foods in a cool and clean air, along with an eye-catching view beside friends and family, is an opportunity that you cannot easily find anywhere else in Tehran. There are restaurants, cafes, street foods and many local stations that you can experience new tastes here.

Sled in the Darband

Another amusing activity is sledding in the highlands of Tehran. the sled located in the “Golabdarreh” boulevard that is in a neighborhood near Darband. But it has been renowned to Darband for its reputation. The sled has a lot of fun and a different experience of what is happening in Tehran.


One of the most famous entertainments in Tehran is climbing along nature in the mountainous Alborz paths. Also the Darband area and the Rocky Mountains located in this zone are one of the most suitable places for rock climbing in Tehran. And many professionals of this field interested to do exercise in this area.


How to access to Darband

To reach Darband you must bring yourself to Tajrish Square. Tajrish is one of the northern areas of Tehran and you can go there by using BRT Bus line (Rah Ahan – Tajrish) or by the line 1 of Tehran metro map (Kahrizak-Tajrish) or taxis. From there, take a road with taxi to Darband Street and take a stop on the “Sarband” Square.

Some of the nearby Tehran hotels to Darband are:

Some of the other tourist attractions near the Darband are:



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