Darakeh Promenade

Darakeh Village in Tehran

Darakeh is a neighborhood located in the north of the provincial capital of Tehran, Iran. This place is near Evin and Velenjak. It is a popular hiking area that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Darakeh is one of the beautiful places that every Iranian and worldwide people that love nature must visit this place.

Introducing Darakeh

It is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of Shemiranat. It is in the beautiful valley of the same name on the north-south path along the Darakeh river in the valley. The location and the mountainous route of Darakeh is located in the northwest of Tehran. It is the beginning of one of the popular hiking trails in Tehran.

People and tourists from other parts of the country go to this place for recreation and climbing. The people of the capital city are always involved with the polluted air, so if they have the opportunity to get away from the Tehran, it is surely one of the main tourist destinations for using clean air and beautiful mountainous nature. However, some people replace the smoke exhaust of cars here with hookah smoke!

The flow of river water in the mountain and mountainous air provides a very pleasant environment for tourists traveling to this area. The name of Darakeh was derived from the “Darge” which was a kind of snowy shoe to march on the snow.

Darakeh in History

Its date back to the 5th century AH (1009 CE – 1106 CE). People living there are from the descendants of “Imamzadeh Seyyed Mohammad”- one of the descendants of “Imam Hussein”.

The discovery of the graves, the old tanners, the crushed stone masonry during the excavation. and the construction of the Imamzadeh and also the flow of water in the north of the holy tomb confirmed the primary habitat of the inhabitants of the village near this place.

The maintenance of sheep and chicken and stone constructions and gardening were the main occupations of the people. They were lived in the village over three decades ago.

Mountainous hiking in the Darakeh

If we walk northward about 2 kilometers along the spiral and beautiful river-side road from the Darakeh neighborhood we reach to a crossroad. The path to the left reaches the beautiful “Cara” Forest and if we continue the straight path after 4 km further we reach the “PalangChal” shelter. Continuing this route brings us to the 5th Station of “Tochal Telecabin Complex”.

The hiking path through Darakeh is less difficult than other climbing routes in north of Tehran. You can hear on the climbing route the sound of the Darakeh River which is at a short distance from the track. So wherever you are in this area you have the ability to sit and relax in a beautiful view.

The high altitudes of the mountains on the valleys of Darakeh make shadow shelter around the river that is very suitable for the summer.

There are many traditional restaurants in this area. Also shops for selling Cherry plum and pomegranate juice and other sour foods that have many fans. In winter do not forget to wear appropriate shoes and warm cloths and pay attention to safety recommendations.

If you are not a professional climber, try to avoid climbing high altitudes during the snowy or rainy days so nothing bad happens to you.

Also, along the way the people of the area will supply the local products, which is one of the tourist attractions of Darakeh. For example, in summer, local cherries are sold and in the autumn, “Shatut” and “Azgil” are very pleased to buy and eat.

Some of the beautiful places that are in the Darakeh valley include:

“Cara” Forest:

Some of those who hike the mountainous route from Darakeh to PalangChal will go to the Cara forest. If you’ve gone to this little forest once, you’ll want to set it up again and relax for hours under the trees, leaving yourself free of fatigue and stress that absorbed by the noise of the capital city of Iran.

Cara Forest, especially in the autumn days, is so beautiful. Because the leaves of its trees spread a beautiful yellow, orange and brown carpet that is a few centimeters in diameter. Also those Azgil trees have a spectacular outlook. Perhaps many Tehranians have not seen this small but beautiful forest.

“Chin Kalagh” Peak

It is one of the southern peaks of Alborz Mountain near Tehran. Some of the tourism attractions of the climbing path to this mountain are waterfall of crazy valley and two rocky caves.

PalangChal Shelter

PalangChal shelter is one of the climbing temporary residential shelters on the path to the peak of Tochal in the Alborz Mountains. It is overlooks the city of Tehran.

The shelter is at an altitude of 2550 meters above sea level.  and has a capacity of 70 people. The duration of the hiking from the Darakeh Square to reach the PalangChal in the summer is about two and a half hours.

How to go to Darakeh

According to Tehran Travel Guide there are many ways to go to Darakeh.

Tehran Metro Map shows that “Tajrish” Metro Station is currently the northernmost metro station on metro line 1. This station is in the “Qods” Square. After leaving this subway station you can go to Darakeh by taxi or mini-bus.

Also you can go to the Darakeh through the Line 4 BRT buses. This line is along the “Navab” and “Chamran” Highway which runs from the “Parkway” to the South Terminal.

You can take the station “Exhibit” (the permanent place of exhibitions in Tehran). The other way of going to Darakeh is via taxis beside “Velenjak” gasoline station.

Some of the nearby hotels to Darakeh are:

Some of the other tourist attractions near the Darakeh are:

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