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About Vakil Bath Shiraz

Vakil Bath Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Vakil Bath Shiraz

There are several historical attractions in Shiraz that belong to Zandiye era when Karim Khan Zand was the ruler and Shiraz was his Kingdome capital. During his reign, Karim Khan always wanted to make people’s lives easier. Therefore, he ordered to construct several buildings all around the city. The most popular remaining buildings of that time are the Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bath. There is also a bazaar near these two attractions which has the name of Vakil too. “Vakil” was the title of Karim Khan, as he always wanted to serve his people. Vakil means attorney or representative, he was the representative and attorney for the people. Hence, the buildings that have been constructed under his order have his title Vakil.

A Brief History about Vakil Bath

Karim Khan Zand ordered to build a public bath for people in 1760 and dedicated 1400 square meters area on the west of Vakil Mosque for this structure. The Vakil bath is like other traditional public baths. Instead, there are many great paintings on the walls and ceiling which have been painted by the best artists of that time. That makes the Vakil Bath so different from all other public baths in Iran and it shows how Karim Khan liked his people and wanted the best for them.

Vakil Bath Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Vakil Bath Shiraz

During the Qajar era, the bath faced with some changes. The decorations and paintings on some of the walls restored or changed to a new one. From the Zandiye era to the Pahlavi era, the Vakil bath was still in use. However, a crack showed up on some parts of the bath. Therefore, then the bath was closed to the public. After doing the reconstructions and repairs on the old Vakil Bath, it opened as a traditional tea house and restaurant which was a bad idea because it damaged some parts of it. That was the reason why the tea house was closed and other reconstructions took place to make the bath like before again.

Finally, the Vakil Bath turned into a museum. The bath itself is a classical attraction though there are some statues in this museum which exhibit the action of people in a public bath such as the way they took bath. It also shows some common events that took place in this old bath. So when you get into the bath you might feel you are exactly in a traditional bath in Zandiye era.

Places nearby Vakil Bath

Vakil Bath Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Vakil Bath Shiraz statues

Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar are all a few steps away from each other. Therefore, you can visit all three attractions at once. Vakil Bath is so close to Karim Khan Citadel, it will take less than 10 minutes to get there on foot. There are several restaurants and cafés around this traditional attraction of Shiraz too. So you might not have any problem hanging around for a while and see the bazaar and eat a portion of traditional food.

The distance from Vakil Bath to the Zandiye Hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Shiraz, is just 1 km. It is easily reachable by car and takes just 3 minutes. Even if you would like to walk from the hotel to this bath, it will take less than 15 minutes. However, you have so many things to see on your ways such as the Karim Khan Citadel or Vakil Water Storage.

How to get to Vakil Bath

Vakil Bath is located in Taleghani Street. It is easily accessible on foot from Shohada Square. Hence, all you should do is getting to this square by bus. The Moshir Crossroad bus station is also close to this attraction and you can take a taxi from there and reach the Vakil Bath in 3 minutes.

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