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About Tomb of Saadi Shiraz

Tomb of Saadi Monument- Shiraz Tourist AttractionsShiraz is the city of poets who have an exceptional impact on Iranian literature. Therefore, you can see the mausoleums dedicated to them which are among the most popular tourist attractions in Shiraz, such as Hafezieh and Saadieh.

Saadieh is the Tomb of Saadi, another famous poet in Iran who was born in Shiraz in 1210. His poems and writings had a great influence in the Persian language. Therefore, when he died, his tomb became so honorable among people and it still is so valuable for them. Hence, the Tomb of Saadi is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shiraz.

Brief History of Saadieh

Tomb of Saadi Exterior - Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Tomb of Saadi Exterior

Saadi died in 1292 in Shiraz. He spent his last years in this place which was his khanqah. Therefore, he was buried in the same place too. It was in the 13th century when a tomb built for Saadi by one of the statesmen and an influential figure in the Ilkhanate dynasty. This place was considered so sacred among people as what Ibn-Batute says in his reports about visiting this place, people who came to visit the Tomb of Saadi washed their clothes in the marble ponds of this place because they believed that washing in this water is healing.

The Tomb of Saadi was destroyed in the 17th century by one of the governors of Fars in the Safavid era. But a few years later, it was Karim Khan Zand who ordered to reconstruct the tomb and build a mausoleum of two floors of brick and plaster in the same location.

During the Qajar era, the tomb destroyed once again. Later Qavam ol-Molk, one of the powerful statesmen of that time, ordered to build a stone on the Tomb of Saadi on which there were some poems in praise of God.  The stone was on his tomb for a long time. However, it changed with another one during the reconstruction of the new mausoleum.

Tomb of Saadi Architecture

Tomb of Saadi Monument- Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Tomb of Saadi Architecture

The current building was built between 1950 and 1952 to a design by the architect Mohsen Foroughi. He designed the building in the inspiration of the Chehel Sotoun Palace in Isfahan. The poems of Saadi are written all around the Tomb and its walls. The Tomb of Saadi is one of the prominent examples of Iranian architecture. The exterior of the mausoleum is covered by the travertine stones. The main building is also covered with white stones. It also has turquoise tiling on its ceiling.

Saadieh has a great garden too. Whenever you come to visit this place you may find yourself in a calm and quiet atmosphere full of trees and flowers. The Tomb of Saadi is one attraction that no one should miss in Shiraz.

Places nearby the Tomb of Saadi

Tomb of Saadi Monument- Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Tomb of Saadi Monument- Shiraz Tourist Attractions

The Tomb of Saadi is located on west Saadie district. There are many cafés and restaurants around this place. The Delgosha Garden is one of the attractions of Shiraz which is just 10 minutes away from the Tomb of Saadi. It is also 6 minutes far from the Hafezieh (Tomb of Hafez) which is reachable by car. The nearest hotel to this attraction is the Shiraz Grand Hotel which is reachable in 7 minutes by car.

How to get to Tomb of Saadi

To get to Saadieh you should pass the Haft Tanan Boulevard. Therefore, it is not an attraction that can be reached on foot. Either you should take a car or a bus. Fortunately, the Tomb of Saadi is easily accessible by bus. There is a bus stop near this place (School Parvin bus stop) which is just 10 minutes away from this attraction. If you land off in this station you can reach the Delgosha Garden on foot in less than 5 minutes.

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