Eram Garden Shiraz

About Eram Garden Shiraz

Eram Garden Shiraz is one of the nine Persian Gardens which have been listed in World Heritage Sites. This garden is located at the northern shore of the Khoshk River. The Eram Garden is one of the most important historical tourist attractions in Shiraz which is so popular among tourists and locals. It is also one of the most attractive gardens in Iran. The garden is full of tall trees and colorful flowers which have made a breathtaking view.

A Brief History about Eram Garden

Eram Garden Shiraz - Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Eram Garden Shiraz

It is not clear when exactly the garden was founded but some consider it to be built during the 13th century by the Ilkhanate. However, the original layout of the garden makes it possible to be part of a garden in the 11th century, in the Seljuqs era. In that time, this kind of garden was called “the emperor’s garden”. But as some travelers wrote about this garden, it seems that the garden became famous and magnificent after the Safavid era and the renovation took place during Zandiye dynasty.

The main building wasn’t changed until the kingdom of Nasereddin Shah. But after that, someone from the Ilkhanate family bought the garden and made some changes in it. Although the changes were so simple and he didn’t reconstruct the building completely. All the stories indicate that this garden and its building had

Eram Garden Shiraz - Shiraz Tourist Attractions
Eram Garden Shiraz Mansion

many ups and downs during history. Kings have come and gone but the garden still remains. That’s why it is so famous in this city. Eram Garden is so wonderful and historical attraction. Today it is the botanical garden of Shiraz too.

The main building of this garden is a magnificent example of the architectural style during the Qajar era. The colorful tiling and paintings on this building are so eye-catching too. As mentioned before, the Eram Garden is registered on Unesco World Heritage Sites because it has great architecture, engineering, water management, botany, and agriculture. Persian Gardens can be a symbol of Paradise on earth.

Places nearby Eram Garden

Eram Garden is located in Eram Street near Danesjoo Boulevard. Although it is not so close to other tourist attractions of Shiraz such as the Tomb of Hafez or the Nasirolmolk Mosque, you can easily get to other parts of the city by bus. Azadi Park is so close to this attraction which is reachable in 5 minutes by car. There are many cafés and restaurants around this garden, even the garden itself has a café and serves cold and hot drinks. The nearest hotel to Eram Garden is Homa Hotel which is almost 2 km far from this attraction and reachable in 5 minutes by car. There is also a shopping mall near the Eram Garden which can be reached in 7 minutes on foot.

How to get to Eram Garden Shiraz

Eram Garden is easily accessible by bus. The closest bus stop to this garden is Meydan Eram bus stop which is just a few steps farther than this garden. If you would like to take the metro, you should land off in Namazi station and take a taxi to Eram Garden.

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