Rasht, Calm and Beautiful Green City

Rasht, frequently referred to as “Recht” in French is the capital of Gilan Province, Iran. It is the largest city on the country’s Caspian Sea coast. Along with being a major trade center between Russia, Iran and Caucasia, it is a major tourist center. The Caspian beaches and the adjacent mountains are some of the major tourist attractions.


Average humidity in Rasht is very high in comparison to other cities in Iran. Sunshine hours are considerably lower as well. Hence Rasht has been rightly dubbed as “The City of Rain”. Its coordinates are 37.28 latitude and 49.58 longitude, situated at an elevation of one meter above sea level. It has several beaches and mountains in its vicinity which pulls tourists from all over the world.


Though the city finds first mention in historical documents in 682 CE, it goes back much before. Rasht’s citizens were an integral part of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran. Mīrzā Kūchak Khān, a leading figure of the Revolution was born here. Rasht is home to the first national library of Iran. The city established the first school for girls and a fire station in Iran.


Rasht people are quite fond of clothes, books and food. The main means of recreation are cinemas, concerts, exhibitions and book fairs. They are held frequently in the city and would provide much insight into their ways for any tourist. The people of Rasht are avid football fans. The people os rasht speek Gileki as the mother tongue.


The people are fond of fish. Vavishka (a variant of haggis), nargesi, baghala and ashpal (roe) are a few popular dishes out there. Zeitoun Parvardeh is dish made from from olives and pomegranates and Reshteh khoshkar is a renowned sweet. The culinary experience that awaits one in this city is bound to be mind-blowing.


Qal’eh Rudkhan

The incredible walled fortress of Qal’eh Rudkhan is located 50 kilometers south of Rasht and makes for a splendid day trip. One can follow it up by visiting Masuleh. The winding ascent through lush forests, streams and teahouses is a scenic route.

Rasht Museum

Located in a house from the 1930s, the museum depicts Gilaki lifestyle. It has antique terracotta riton drinking horns shaped like animals. It was thought that the person drinking from these horns would acquire the power of that animal.


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