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About Qazvin Museum

Each city has a special museum dedicated to its history. Qazvin is an old city which also has this kind of museum. Qazvin Museum is one of the important tourist attractions in Qazvin showing the culture and history of people in this city. There are many precious items exhibited in this museum which show how people were living in the past. The museum has separated into different parts. Most of the objects in this museum are related to the first and third millennium BC.

Brief History about Qazvin Museum

Qazvin Museum is an important museum in this city where you can step back in time and have a walk into the past. The museum dates back to the pre-Islamic era. However, it has been renovated and extended through all these years.  As mentioned earlier, the museum divides into different parts and most of the objects in this museum date back to the first and third millennium BC. But that’s not the only part of this museum. One of the most precious and ancient parts of the museum is dedicated to the old plates which have the special design of the Sassanid era. It seems that these plates belonged to Khosrow Parviz.

Moreover, part of the museum is dedicated to the Islamic era and contemporary objects which are still important and eye-catching. The other important part of the museum is where you can find the old coins of the Arsacid Empire and the Qajar dynasty. On the way out of the museum, there are paintings of Naser-al-din Shah, which have been painted during the Qajar era.

Although the museum belongs to Qazvin, there are objects in this museum which belong to other cities too, such as the body of a Sumerian man which belongs to 5 thousand years ago in Kharg Island. In fact, visiting the Qazvin Museum takes you back into different periods in history.

Furthermore, in this museum, you can also find the first firearms and weapons of the Iranian military which date back to the Safavid era.

Places nearby Qazvin Museum

Most of the tourist attractions in Qazvin are close to each other. Qazvin Museum is also located in the historic centre of the city, next to Chehel Sotun Palace Qazvin. It is also very close to Qazvin Bazaar, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Qazvin. The distance between these two attractions is only 500 meters which makes it possible for the visitors of Qazvin Museum to easily walk to Qazvin Bazaar. Qajar Bathhouse is another great tourist attraction in Qazvin which is on the walking distance from this museum. It will only take 10 minutes to get to this attraction on foot. Qazvin Museum is easily reachable from Marmar Hotel, which is one of the best mid-range hotels in Qazvin. There are also many great restaurants and cafes around this museum too.

How to get to Qazvin Museum

Qazvin Museum is located in Helal Ahmar Street, very close to Azadi Square. Therefore, it will be easy to get there from any parts of the city. You should first reach Azadi Square and then walk to Helal Ahmar Street. A few minutes later, you reach the location. However, since Qazvin is very close to Tehran, it is always easy to take a one-day tour to Qazvin from Tehran to visit all its tourist attractions in one day. No matter in which hotel you are staying in Tehran, NCA Travel can arrange you the best tours to the top attractions in Iran. We can also help you find the best hotels in Qazvin and Tehran. Contact us via email or WhatsApp for a free consultation.

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