Qazvin The glorious capital of Persia

We all like to travel and places with historical importance produce a strange attraction for each one of us. Thus, the tourism of Iran has introduced you with one of the major historical places in the world. Who can ignore the alluring beauty of Qazvin which is the calligraphy capital of Iran?

Qazvin is an ancient city in Iran which had seen its most glorious days under the Persian Empire. This city must be included in their travel list of every traveller who seeks to visit new places. The city is full of ancient monuments decorated with marvellous calligraphies. It represents the art and culture of ancient Persia.

This ancient capital of Persian Empire is also a stronghold for the natural attractions. The nature lovers who try to escape the city limits to be one with nature can find their salvation here. The city is also in close proximity to the mythic donjon of the Ismaili assassins, Alamut.  Alamut is also a major attraction for the Iran tourism.

This hotspot of tourism is the perfect admixture of Nature, Culture and Adventure. Cherish the natural beauty and celebrate the ancient arts and culture. It is time to relive the stories from the Arabian Nights by visiting Qazvin. The city will leave you awe-inspired along with beautiful memories to reminisce in the future with pride.

Explore the Ancient City That Holds History

Qazvin in the world map:

The city of Qazvin is the biggest city in the province and one of the biggest cities in Iran. Tehran is in the North-west of the city. The mythic city of Alamut is just 30km away. This calligraphy capital of Iran is the perfect amalgamation of nature, culture and adventure.  Thus there is no denying of the rocky beauty of the province. It is also a major tourist attraction of the country. Lots of people visit the province just to get a taste of nature, culture and adventure that the region offers.

Qazvin generally witnesses a dry climate but the temperature is mostly moderate in the summer. However, the winters are very chilly with the temperature dropping below the freezing point. No matter in which time of the year you visit, the city will always have a new attraction to offer. Escape and connect with the nature as nothing can be better than spending your weekends in the midst of history.

The glorious past:

The ancient ruler Shapur II found the city of Qazvin. It happened during 3rd Century AD in Sassanian Period. It was the capital of ancient Persian Empire for a brief period of time. Esfahan was afterwards made the capital of the glorious Persian Empire. The Arab forces invaded the city and captured it in the 644AD. Even the fierce force of Mongols ravaged this historical city. Since this province of Iran serves as the connector between Tehran and the Caspian Sea, the city has seen many fights for its possession. The Russians also seized Qazvin during the World War I as well as World War II. The enriched history of this travel and tourism attraction of Iran has also made it an attraction for the archaeologists.

People and customs of Qazvin:

Qazvin, the travel and tourism hotspot of Iran offer the beauty of nature, culture and adventure to the tourists. The rich culture, their customs and cuisine is also a major attraction for most of the tourists. The people living there are generally of Qazvin origin. For this reason, most of the people speak the Persian language but with a beautiful Qazvini accent. The Tats and Azerbaijanis are the two largest ethnic groups inhabiting the city and them most use their colloquial language.

The home to many famous celebrities:

The ancient city is also famous for being the home for many notable people. Thus it attracts several people thereby boosting the travel and tourism of Iran. It was the native land of the famous calligrapher Mir Emad Qazvini who is a major cultural icon. This Iranian city is also famous for Dehkhoda who gifted the world with Persian dictionary. The great poet of Iran Ubayd Zakani was also a resident of this city. The resting places of these famous people are a major attraction of Qazvin for those who like to visit the places taken directly from the history pages.

Many contemporary celebrities also belong to this historical city. Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian and renowned artist Shirin Neshat are other famous Qazvinis.  Each of them has gifted Qazvin with the glory of its bygone times. The city is waiting for welcoming the tourists who love to travel and explore every corner of the world.

Unlock All the Secrets of Qazvin

The popular tourist attractions of Qazvin:

The tourism of Iran has been promoting its tourist attractions. It allows the visitors to make the most of their  visit in the land full of mystery.  Qazvin was known for its regal past. The rich art of the city is a testament to that. The unblemished beauty cannot be missed and hence make your luxurious stay a memorable one by planning short trips to the most exotic tourist attractions.

Imamzadeh Hossein:

The shrine was built in the memory of Imam Raja’s son. His name was Hossein. He was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad. The shrine is a major attraction for the Iran tourism. This historical building dates back to the Qajar Period. It has a very beautiful blue dome along with a fountain at the front.

Jameh Mosque:

This mosque was built on the ruins of the fire temple of the Zoroastrians. Jameh Mosque was originally built in the 10th century. But the mosque has been reinstated many times over the ages. The major attraction of the Qazvin tourism is famous for its real life calligraphy. If you are visiting the ancient city then it must be on your travel

Jangal-e Bashmak:

Ready for a weekend gateway in a lush green jungle? Follow the road that leads you to Jangal-e-Bashmak situated in The greenery will just provide you ultimate satisfaction. You will be away from the chaos of daily life where we cannot experience nature to its fullest.

Qazvin Museum:

The Qazvin Museum is a major attraction of the city. It is famous for its huge collection of ancient artefacts from Alamut and different modern artistic marvels.

Peighambarieh Shrine:

It is that holy place where four Jewish saints foretold that the Lord Christ is coming. Afterwards, the shrine served as the burial place for those holy men.


Although it is 30KM away from the city but it is a major sightseeing place for everyone visiting. On the other hand, Alamut has ruins of the forts of Ismaili assassins. Travel to the ancient ruins of Alamut and relive the times of the fierce assassins.

Qazvin Gateway:

The Qazvin gateway is often called the gateway to heaven. The gateway welcomes the tourists to the city of Qazvin. The extravagant calligraphy of the place increases its beauty. For this reason, it is a marvel of art. You just cannot afford to miss this place if you are a travel

Other Attractions:

Kantur Church,  Masjed al-Nabi Mosque, Chehel Sotun,  Sanjideh Mosque, Sardar School are some other popular tourist attractions of the Qazvin. It has many unattended places that are waiting for the visitors.

Explore the diverse nature, culture and adventure of the beautiful city Qazvin. It is time to create your own travel a memorable one by visiting every block of the city. The vacation to Qazvin will be cherished.

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