Kish Island

Kish, Iran’s Sunshiny Island

The cradle of ancient Persian culture, Kish Island is the sunshiny island of Iran where you can donate your holidays blindly. Also, the definition of Kish is not only limited to its culture, but it has a lot more to offer to its tourists. Let’s check out.

Geographical location and weather of Kish Island

Located in the Persian Gulf of the southern coast of Iran, Kish is called the ‘tourist’s paradise.’ It is an island of 91.5 square kilometers and it is a part of the Bandar Lengeh County in Hormozgan province of Iran. Being a coastal area, Kish lacks in mountains or high hills; mostly it is the flat surface area. Also, this place has a semi-equatorial climate with high humidity.

Recreation and tourism places

Although it is a small island, it has many places that attract the tourist’s mind and soul. Amongst loads of great tourist attractions, the below-listed places are the most popular ones.

  1. Peeking inside of the huge Greek Ship
  2. Getting a little taste of history at Kish Native Anthropology House
  3. Kish Island’s Historical Cistern
  4. Experiencing the unique Kariz Underground
  5. A fun day at Ocean Water Park and Bird Park

Apart from that Maryam Beach, Ladies Beach is always there to welcome you. From Scuba to Jet skiing, you cannot miss any of these water sports. And if you are more comfortable in the land, biking is there for you. For those who want a touch of history in their recreation, Harireh Ancient City tour can be the best attraction ever.

Demographics, language and religion and many more

The Island has a population of only 26,000 people. Major people of Kish speak in Persian and follows Islam religion, but English is also spoken by many shopkeepers.

And coming to local food, ‘Falafel’, ‘Hummus’, ‘Labneh’ are some mouth-watering dishes everyone should try absolutely. Also, another great attraction of Kish is that it is a free trade zone, i.e. you can enter this island without a visa and stay there for 14 days.

History of Kish

The Island has many old names such as Kamina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss. Ancient Assyrian and Elamite civilization prevailed in this area of Persian Gulf. But after the fall of these civilizations, Kish was subjected to tyranny and turmoil for over a period. In 325 BC, Alexander the Great visited this island and also we can find the name of ‘Kish’ from the writings of Marco Polo. In 1970, the last Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi turned this island into a luxury resort.


In a nutshell, we cannot unveil Kish enough for you in this article. From cultural history to modern-day lifestyle, this island has everything to offer to its tourist along with great tourism support. So, travel to Iran now and experience the unseen!

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