Khosro Abad Mansion, Sanandaj

About Khosro Abad Mansion

Khosro Abad Mansion is a the must visit place in Sanandaj, Iran. Located in Khosro Abad region, this is one of the most famous monuments which attracts a lot of tourists to Kurdistan Province each year. Tourists especially love this site because of its beautiful Iranian architecture.

Khosro Abad Mansion-Sanandaj Tourist Attraction
Khosro Abad Mansion-Sanandaj Tourist Attraction

A Brief History of Khosro Abad Mansion

The construction of Khosro Abad mansion dates back to the Qajar era. Amanullah Khan Ardalan, the ruler of Kurdistan was the son of a great Khosro Khan. He ordered to build Khosro Abad mansion in 1808. Of course, some believe that the eastern part of the building is related to the Zandieh era. They also attribute its development to Amanullah Khan. Although this mansion was the seat of political and military rule, it was used more as a place for ritual ceremonies and celebrations. Also, the wedding ceremony of “Hosn-e Jahan Khanom”, the daughter of Fath Ali Shah, with Amanullah Khan’s son, was taken in this place.

The design of Khosro Abad mansion includes a garden and a mansion in the middle. The building has different sections. The main part is the royal palace which is on the western side of the complex. The outer part of the mansion houses various spaces, such as a bathroom, a room for guards and maids. The decoration of the mansion consists of Stuccos, brickwork and the Chalipa shaped basin which is a reminder of Iranian design.

Khosro Abad Mansion-Sanandaj Tourist Attraction
Khosro Abad Mansion Interior Design

It is interesting to know that texture and composition of materials used in different places of the Khosro Abad mansion, such as palace, kitchens, baths and stables are the same. This is also true about the western, southern eastern walls. It is worth noting that after Amanullah Khan several buildings were also built in this complex. The garden of Khosro Abad complex was also very important. In the past, the garden was surrounded by four streets and 4 Moat. The tourists who want to travel to Sanandaj city must visit this historical site too.

Places nearby Khosro Abad Mansion

Sanandaj is a beautiful city in Kurdistan Province. There are a lot of places to visit in this city and Khosro Abad Mansion is one of these places. Tourists who visit this place can visit Khosro Abad Park which is only 4 minutes of walk from the mansion. Visitors can also spend their time in nearby cafes; Café Ruheyve is only 1 minute and Emarat Café is just 2 minutes of walk away from the site. Shisheh Bathhouse is also another fantastic attraction which is just 2.6 km away from this historical site. Sanandaj Shadi Hotel is just 6 km from this historical site. Tourist Hotel (Jahangardi Hotel) is also 16 minutes (7 km) by car.

Khosro Abad Mansion-Sanandaj Tourist Attraction
Khosro Abad Mansion Sanandaj Wall Decoration

How to get to Khosro Abad Mansion

Since a large part of the Khosro Abad Mansion is under the control of Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, this collection is open to the public. Drive to the west from the entrance of the city (12, Farvardin Square). After about 600 meters, you will enter to the right part of Kurdistan Boulevard. From Kurdistan Boulevard you should drive about 2 km and in the first square go to Mostureh Ardalan Street. After driving for 700 meters you will get to Khanqah Street. Then, after about 200 meters you will reach to Khosro Abad Mansion. There are also Shuttle taxis which are an easier option to get to the site.

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