Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah

About Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah

Taq-e Bostan is one of the most popular and important tourist attractions in Kermanshah which is one of the remaining sites of the Sassanid Empire. It consists of rock carvings which show the Persian Sassanid art. It is located in the heart of the Zagros Mountains and is also one of the 30 Sassanid relics of these mountains.

Brief History about Taq-e Bostan in Kermanshah

Taq-e Bostan means “Arch of the Garden”. However, some also call it Taq-e Vostan which has a different meaning which means “Arch made by stone”. But literally both names are correct and this place is known by both but the second meaning makes more sense since the site consists of an arch which has been carved in the stone.

Stone carving was a common art during the Sassanid Empire. They mostly showed different historical events by carving their stories into the rocks and stones. Many of these carvings can be seen around the Persepolis. Taq-e Bostan site dates back to the 4th century. The oldest relief, which considers being the first relief of Taq-e-Bostan, is a rock which shows the crowning ceremony of Ardeshir II. However, the face of the king in this relief has been damaged but it indicates the king was a fat man with big eyes and interconnected eyebrows who is standing on a stage (which guarantees he is the king). The man in the relief has his left hand on his sword and his right hand pointed to the Ahura Mazda. And Ahura Mazda is giving a gift to the king.

It is just one of the several stone carvings in this site. There is a rock relief on the left wall of Taq-e Bostan which is showing the king’s hunting. There is the same relief on the right wall too but they are not exactly the same. On the left side, the king is hunting a hog and on the right side, he is hunting a deer.

King's hunting rock relief on Taq-e-bostan Kermanshah
Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah, a wonderful ancient tourist attraction in Iran

Why Taq-e-Bostan is important?

Taq-e Bostan not only shows different events in history but also defines the look of people during the Sassanid Empire, how they looked and what they wore. Therefore, it is an important thing to know more about the past and the history of Persians. Moreover, it is one of the oldest sites in this area and also an ancient attraction in Kermanshah.

Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah is so mysterious during the night
Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah, a wonderful ancient tourist attraction in Iran

Places nearby Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah

Taq-e-Bostan is located almost 5 km away from the centre of the city of Kermanshah. But it is not the only attraction that can be visited in this part of the city. First of all, there is a lake in front of this site which makes a great atmosphere in the area which is called Taq-Bostan Lake. Since the reflection of the rock can be seen in the lake, it makes a great view for photographers. The Stone Museum is another great attraction that can be seen alongside the Taq-e Bostan site. It is located just a few steps away from this place. You can also find several restaurants and cafes around Taq-e-Bostan too.

This attraction is also very close to Bam-e Kermanshah, which is the highest place in the city. The distance between the Taq-e-Bostan and Bam-e Kermanshah is only 1.5 km. It will only take 5 minutes to reach this place by car. There is also a park on the right side of this site which is also called Taq Bostan Park. It is the best place to walk and spend the evening. There is a place in this park for tourists’ camps. The distance between the park and this attraction is only 550 meters. Therefore, travellers can easily walk to this park after visiting Taq Bostan and reach there in less than 10 minutes. The closest hotel to Taq-e Bostan is Jamshid Hotel, which is located 400 meters away from this site. However, the guests of this hotel can easily walk to Taq-e Bostan and get there in 5 minutes.

Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah, a wonderful ancient tourist attraction in Iran
Taq-e Bostan Kermanshah is a wonderful ancient tourist attraction in Iran

How to get to Taq-e-Bostan Kermanshah

Although Taq-e Bostan is not so close to the city centre of Kermanshah, it is easily accessible. There is a bus stop in Taq Bostan Square which is only 500 meters away from this attraction. Therefore, it will be so easy for travellers to get to this attraction by bus. However, it will always be easier to take a tour or rent a car to visit all the tourist attractions in Kermanshah. NCA Travels will help you find the best tours to Kermanshah and book the best hotels in Kermanshah.

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