Kermanshah, an ancient city in Iran

Kermanshah is one of the historical and ancient cities in Iran which is located in Kermanshah province in the west of Iran. It is located 525 km away from Tehran, capital of Iran. Kermanshah is full of different tourist attractions. No matter you are travelling to enjoy sightseeing, or visit natural attractions, or would like to step back in time by visiting the historical attraction, Kermanshah has all of them. Not only this city is so popular because of the historical attraction of Taq-e-Bostan, but also it is so popular for mountain climbing or caving. Besides all of these attractions, you can taste delicious foods in this city too. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Iran, have Kermanshah city on your list.

Kermanshah Weather and Climate

Generally, Kermanshah province has tropical weather. Hence, summer is hot and winter is mild in this area. However, since the city of Kermanshah is located next to Mount Zagros, in some parts of it you can feel Mediterranean weather. Therefore, the city has mild and cool weather.

Spring is the best time to visit Kermanshah. The plains are green and fresh because of the rain in this season. Therefore, you can see the best views of the natural attractions in Kermanshah during spring. Summer is almost hot in Kermanshah. However, the city still has a great atmosphere and nice views. But if you can’t endure hot weather, we recommend you avoid visiting Kermanshah in this season. Instead, you can postpone your trip to autumn, which is the second best season to visit Kermanshah. Winter is so cold and rainy in Kermanshah too. However, it is not that harsh to ruin your trip. But if you come here for caving or mountain climbing, winter might not be a good season for your trip.

History of Kermanshah

Kermanshah is a historical and cultural city in Iran which dates back to the 4th century. The city first developed during the Sassanid era and became the second capital of this dynasty. Since it had great weather, the Sassanid kings decided to make a settlement in this area, which at that time was a small village. The city was placed on the road to important territories. Therefore, it soon became popular and grew so fast, especially during the reign of Khosrow Parvis. Many buildings were constructed in this city in this period and even Kermanshah became the spring capital of the kingdom. Since the king loved this place, he came to Kermanshah each spring and spent his time on his picturesque pavilion on top of the mountains.

Kermanshah after the Islamic era

When Arabs attacked Iran, they destroyed Kermanshah completely. Hence, many denizens went to other cities and the remaining population settled next to the bank of Ghare Soo. So a new city made in that area. However, because of the great location that the city of Kermanshah had, it soon regained its popularity between the kings and became one of the four important cities during the Abbasid era.

Kermanshah during the Safavid

During this period of history, since the city of Kermanshah was located at the border of Iran and Ottomans, it was exchanged between two dynasties several times. But it was after the war between Iran and Ottomans when an agreement signed between two countries, in which the city completely gave back to Iran.

Kermanshah during Qajar era, Pahlavi, After Revolution

Kermanshah was so important during the Qajar era and it acted like a market between Iran and Ottomans. It was during this period when the city became like what we see today. The city of Kermanshah had become calm and quiet after a long time of war and grew more each day. However, it again felt the tension during World War II and the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq.

Demographics and Cultures

Kermanshah is the largest Kurdish-speaking city in Iran. Most of the citizens of this city are Shia Muslim, but still, a minority of the population of the city are Sunni or Yarsanism. Kermanshah is the 9th populous city in Iran. People have some fun traditions. They have different events which all consist of playing, dancing and having fun. Kurdish dance is so popular in this area which can be seen at weddings. A group of people hold each other hands and somehow circle around the groom and the bride and do rhythmic movements. The dance somehow shows the unity of the people of this area.

Kermanshah Local Foods

Like other cities in Iran, Kermanshah also has delicious traditional foods:

Kermanshah Tourist Attractions

Without a doubt, Taq e Bostan is the most well-known tourist attraction in Kermanshah. It dates back to the Sassanid era and is a popular rock relief which is located in the countryside and next to a mountain.

This religious attraction is located in the city centre. It has great tiling and decoration and dates back to the Qajar era. Today it consists of different museums such as the Prehistoric and Anthropology museum of Kermanshah and the Museum of calligraphy.

The Bazaar of Kermanshah is as old as 150 years and one of the popular tourist attractions in Kermanshah. The bazaar has an old texture which makes it so lovely for tourists. This bazaar is the best place in Kermanshah to buy souvenirs.

This historical site which has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is not inside the city of Kermanshah. Bisotun is almost 40 km away from the city centre but still a popular tourist attraction in Kermanshah. It is the best preserved ancient site in Iran which dates back to the Achaemenid era.

It is one of the closest caves to the city of Kermanshah which is almost 30 km outside the city. If you like to visit one of the greatest caves in Iran, put the name of this cave on your list.

It is also possible to do paragliding in Kermanshah. So if you are an adventurous traveller who would like to enjoy more exciting things, Kermanshah can be a great option for you in Iran.

Kermanshah Souvenirs

How to Travel to Kermanshah

Kermanshah has an international airport. However, there might not be many international flights available to this city but it is always possible to travel to Kermanshah from Tehran airports. It will be easy to get to the city centre from the airport. Moreover, Kermanshah Railway is also close to the city. Travelling by train will be more affordable so if you are staying in any city in Iran you can easily buy a train ticket to Kermanshah. The distance between Tehran and Kermanshah is 502 km. It will take 6 hours to drive from Tehran to this city.

Find the Best Hotels in Kermanshah

You can find great hotels in Kermanshah. Jamshid Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kermanshah which has a great location. It is just a few steps away from the most popular tourist attraction in Kermanshah, Taq-e-Bostan. Therefore, if you would like to be close to this attraction, Jamshid Hotel Kermanshah will be a great option. Parsian Hotel Kermanshah is another great hotel in this city which is the most luxurious and well-equipped hotel in Kermanshah. The hotel is located in the centre of the city which makes it possible for the guests to easily explore the city and all its attractions. If you want to choose a more affordable hotel in Kermanshah, Kourosh Hotel is a 3-star budget apartment hotel which has all the standard facilities that hotels have.

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