Kerman Travel Guide

Kerman is the capital city and the most developed city in Kerman province. It is also one of the largest cities in Iran which has a long history and strong cultural heritage. There are many great historical attractions in Kerman such as historic mosques and Zoroastrian fire temples. In fact, Kerman is one of the 5 historic cities in Iran. Moreover, locating 1760 meters above the sea level makes Kerman the 4th highest capital city in Iran.

Kerman Climate and Weather

Kerman has a cold desert climate which makes it hot during summers and cold during winters. However, Kerman also has a moderate climate throughout the year. The diversity of the climate depends on the elevation of the city and how mountainous it is. The average annual rainfall is 142 mm. Generally, you will face with cool weather in Kerman.

Kerman History

The artefacts found in this area indicates that the city of Kerman almost dates back to the Sassanid era. There are some attractions in this city that belong to the Parthian Empire which shows that during that time Kerman was a developed city that had special fortresses. Kerman was always under the invasion of Arabs. However, they couldn’t occupy the city until the empire of Saffarian. Since then, Kerman was always dominated by the powerful governments of the time. It was during the Seljuq dynasty when Kerman became more developed and people had more comfort. Seljuqs ruled Kerman for almost 150 years. However, the city was sacked many times by various invaders. It was during the Safavid dynasty when Kerman expanded rapidly. Carpets and rugs were exported to England and Germany during this time which affected the economy of this city.

It was in 1793 when Lotf Ali Khan, the founder of Zaniyeh Dynasty, captured the city. He had many supporters in Kerman, especially the Zoroastrians of Kerman. However, he could only rule the city for six months. After that, the city fell into Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, the founder of the Qajar dynasty. He was a cruel ruler, and since the people in the city were still supporting Lotf Ali Khan, he ordered to kill or blind many of the inhabitants. Agha Mohammad Khan’s reign in Kerman was full of wrath and cruelty. That’s why soon the city of Kerman turned into ruins.

The present city of Kerman was rebuilt in the 19th century. However, the old city has still remained to show the historic structure of the city.

Demographic and Culture

Kerman is the 10th most populous city in Iran. Farsi is spoken in this city with a different dialect. Since the city of Kerman is so expanded, it was always a place for most of the immigrants from cities and countries around such as Baluchis or even Mongols.

Tourist Attractions in Kerman

There are many great tourist attractions in Kerman, here are the most popular ones:

There is a rectangular shape square in Kerman which is surrounded by different buildings and shops. This place is called Ganjali Khan Complex which consists of the great bazaar of Ganjali Khan, the square, a traditional bath, a museum, a mosque, a caravanserai, and a cistern. This complex is located in the old city of Kerman.

Jabalieh Dome is a stone structure which is a remaining of the Sassanid era. This dome is the only dome in Kerman with such structure. There is a museum inside the building too which is dedicated to different types of stones in Kerman.

Bam Citadel is the most popular tourist attraction in Kerman. Arg-e-Bam, which is the Persian name for Bam Citadel, is the largest adobe building in the world. It is listed by UNESCO. The origin of this citadel traces back to the Achaemenid Empire. Unfortunately, a devastating earthquake almost completely destroyed this citadel in 2003. However, it underwent reconstruction soon after this incident.

Shazdeh Mahan Garden is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kerman which dates back to the Qajar era. This garden is among 9 Iranian Gardens registered in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Fath Abad Garden is another great tourist attraction belongs to the Qajar era. It is located outside the city of Kerman and has a great view of the night.

Kerman Traditional Foods

Eggplant stew with whey is one of the popular traditional cuisines in Kerman. The ingredients of this dish include whey, meat, eggplant, onion, potato, peas, cucumber, with salt, turmeric and pepper. This dish is served with bread.

Boz Ghormeh Stew is another popular dish in Kerman which is cooked with goat meat. That’s why it is called by this name “Boz Ghormeh”. This traditional cuisine is served with cooked rice.

Sloe Stew is one of the oldest dishes in this area which is cooked with meat, tomato, vegetables, onion, sloe, and lemon juice. This dish is a great choice for people who love sour cuisines.

Kerman Souvenirs

Kolompeh is a traditional sweet in Kerman which is a popular souvenir. Since this sweet is dry and doesn’t have any expiration, it will be a great thing to buy and take with yourself. Dates and walnuts are inside this special cookie which makes it so popular and delicious.

Qutab is another traditional sweet in Kerman which is among the most bought souvenirs in this area. The wrap of this sweet is made by milk and then it will be filled with walnut or pistachio. Sugar powder will be poured on top of it.

Walnut is one of the most exported products in Kerman. Iran is the fourth country in producing walnuts in the world and Kerman is among the best places to buy this nut.

Handicrafts are among other things mostly bought as souvenirs. One of the most popular handicrafts in Kerman is called “Patoo Doozi”. It’s a kind of needlework which is done on covers of pillows and blankets.

Rugs are other handicrafts which are so popular in this area. Most of the women in this area have knowledge of weave rugs. The rugs of Darestan Village are so popular that they have been registered in UNESCO. The method of weaving the rugs in this area is so different from any other rugs in the country.

How to get to Kerman

Kerman has an airport which is almost 13 km outside the city. It will take 25 minutes to get to the centre of the city from the airport. Although it is the easiest way to reach the city, it is also the more expensive option. It is also possible to choose buses or train for your trip to Kerman. However, it will take longer. In the end, renting a car can be another option too. However, you should consider driving on a road that is not familiar. It is always possible to book a tour to any cities in Iran by asking us. NCA Travel will help you find the best tours to the most popular attractions and cities in Iran.

Find the Best Hotels in Kerman

There are many great hotels in Kerman. If you would like to choose a budget hotel, Golden Days Residence is one of the budget hotels in Kerman which is located in the centre of the city. Persian Ghalegani Hotel is also a great choice for the ones who would like to stay in a more luxurious hotel in Kerman. NCA Travel will help you find the best hotels in Kerman too.

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