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About Fin Garden Kashan

Persian Gardens are so popular around the world. They are complex of history, architecture and nature. Although many years have passed from the birth of these gardens, they are still mesmerizing and breathtaking. Fin Garden is one of the most well-known Persian Gardens which is located in Kashan near a village with the same name. It is also one of the Persian gardens that have been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Not only Fin Garden is so beautiful, but also it is a place where one of the most important events in history have happened. Fin Garden is also one of the main tourist attractions in Kashan. Even the most important and well-known one.

Fin Garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kashan

Brief History about Fin Garden

Some believe that the garden dates back to the Sassanid era. However, it’s been also said that the Fin Garden was formed during the Safavid era. No matter which date is the real date, the Fin Garden is still the oldest extant garden in Iran. Perhaps it’s been built on an older garden. Although the garden was former before the dynasty of Qajar, it was highly recognized during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar and considerably expanded during this time. Moreover, it contains the most popular historical bath of Kashan too. The Fin bath is so popular because an important event took place in it. The bath is where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by the order of the king Naseredding Shah in 1852.

Besides the importance of the garden because of the history and events it had, the Fin Garden is so beautiful and eye-catching. It covers 2.3 hectares with the main yard surrounded by ramparts with four circular towers. It also has many water features which make the atmosphere more calm and enjoyable.

The King’s Room in Fin Garden

It was during Agha Mohammad Khan reign, the first king of the Qajar dynasty when a pavilion built in the Fin Garden. As it was used by the king, it was called the king’s room. The room has been decorated with great details. It has a main gate and two doors on each side. The maids entered from the side doors because of the importance of the main door and the respect they had for the king. Moreover, the colours of the windows, which are so common in many other historical places, are another reason why this room is so unique.

Fin Garden Kashan - Tourist Attractions in Kashan
Fin Garden Kashan is a historical attraction with great decorations

Not only the colours make the room more beautiful and enter colourful lights inside the room, but also there is a reason to use each colour on the window. The colour red is appetizing, therefore its light makes the room a greater place to eat. The blue and green are calm, so their lights make the atmosphere of the room calmer for the king. Moreover, the yellow colour and its complex are natural insect killer.

Places nearby Fin Garden

The most important and well-known attraction near the Fin Garden is its popular bath which is located inside the garden. The Amir Kabir Museum is another great attraction in this garden. Moreover, the garden also has a traditional teahouse which is located near the popular Soleymaniyeh Fountain. You can also find many great cafes and restaurants outside the garden. However, the Fin Garden is almost far from other tourist attractions in Kashan. The closest attraction to this garden is the ancient Sialk Hills which is 3.9 km away. It can be reached in 7 minutes by car. The closest hotel to the Fin Garden is the Negarestan Hotel, a 3-star modern hotel which is 1.2 km away and reachable in 3 minutes.

How to get to Fin Garden

The Fin Garden is easily accessible by bus. The closest bus stop to this garden is only 83 meters away. Therefore, you can easily walk to this garden when you land off the bus. However, it will always be easy to take a tour in Kashan to get you to see every tourist attractions of the city. Moreover, if you are staying in any hotels in Amir Kabir Street, such as the Negarestan Hotel or Amir Kabir Hotel, you just need to take a taxi to this garden.

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