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About Fin Bath Kashan

If there is any bath in the world which has witnessed one of the most important historical events of a country, it will be the Fin Bath in Kashan which is also located in Fin Garden, which is one of the most important gardens in the world. Fin Bath is also one of the most important tourist attractions in Kashan.

Brief History about Fin Bath Kashan

There are two baths on the southern part of the Fin Garden. The small bath and the big bath. None of them exactly has the Fin Bath name it is just called the Fin Bath because it is located in Fin district and Fin Garden.

Construction of this bath dates back to the Safavid era. One of the significant things in this bath is seven old tiles which date back 500 years ago. The small bath was made for the maids. That’s why it is not such special as the big one. It’s just a simple bath that was open to the public in some days of the week. In fact, it is only important because of the historical event took place in it. The small bath was the place where Amir Kabir was killed. He was the chancellor of Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar, king of Qajar dynasty.

Fin Bath Kashan - Tourist Attractions in Kashan
Fin Bath is located in Fin Garden in Kashan and is one of the most popular tourist attraction in this city.
Why Was Amir Kabir Killed in the Fin Bath?

Mirza Taghi Khan Farahani, known as Amir Kabir, was chief minister to Naser Al-Din Shah for the first three years of his reign. He did many great things for Iran, the most important one is the establishment of Dar-Al Funun. It was the first modern university and modern institution of higher learning in Iran. One of the jobs that he had was determining the salary of the courts who were important elites and before that, they had great and easy access to the treasury. Doing so, made them angry. As Amir Kabir became more powerful, he gained more opponent who mostly envied him because of his numerous posts. Therefore, they decided to make conspiracies.

Since Amir Kabir was so important to the king, it wasn’t easy for them to make the king remove him from his posts. However, they finally could do something to make the king exile Amir Kabir to Kashan. He and his family were living in the Fin Garden for almost six weeks. One night that the king was drunk, his courts made him sign an order to kill Amir Kabir.

When they entered the garden, Amir Kabir was taking a bath before the morning prayers. They found him in the bath and showed him the order. They even made him choose the way he would like to be killed. He asked them to cut his vein. There are rumours that he also wrote a poem on the wall of the bath with his blood. But there is no evidence of it in the bath today.

As we mentioned earlier, the other bath in the Fin Garden is known as the big bath. This bath was built for the kings and the more important courts during the Qajar era. It was also called the Royal Bath. Since the bath was used by the most important roles and the kings, it has more details in decoration and design. The marble columns and great decoration on the ceilings are so spectacular.

Places nearby Fin Bath

First of all, the Fin Garden is the most important landmark that can be seen with the bath in one day. There is also the national museum which is situated in the garden. There are many restaurants and cafes around this attraction too. Like Fin Garden, the Fin Bath is not very close to other tourist attractions in Kashan. The closest attraction to Fin Bath is the ancient Sialk Hills which is 10 minutes away by car. The Negarestan Hotel and Amir Kabir Hotel are the closest hotels to the Fin Bath. Both are almost 5 minutes away from this place.

How to get to Fin Bath

The bath is easily accessible by bus. If you are staying in any hotels in Amir Kabir Street, you can easily take a bus and land off near the garden. From there, you just need to walk to the Fin Bath which will only take 5 minutes. However, you can also take a tour to Kashan and visit all the tourist attractions in Kashan more easily.

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