Abbasian Historical House Kashan

About Abbasian Historical House Kashan

Kashan is mostly known for its mesmerizing historic houses. Each house has its own story to tell; therefore, it is enjoyable to visit all of them. One of the most beautiful historic houses in Kashan is the Abbasian Historical House, which like many other houses in the city dates back to the Qajar era. Visiting this house is suggested to the ones who like to know more about Iranian architecture, especially in the past. And also the ones who like to know more about history. Moreover, this place is also a great choice for photographers, as it has a really beautiful look.

Abbasian Historical House Kashan
Abbasian Historical House Kashan

Brief History about Abbasian Historical House Kashan

The house was built in the late 18th century for a wealthy family in Kashan who were glass merchants. Their family name was Abbasi. Therefore, the house is called by their name “Abbasian”. The house is located on a 7000 square meters area and has 5 yards and 5 floors. Like other popular historic houses in Kashan, such as the Tabatabaei Historical House, this house is so luxury too. You can see all parts of the house decorated with plasters, mirror works, and detailed paintings. The house also has a traditional teahouse, a traditional restaurant, and a small shop.

Abbasian Historical House Architecture and Design

The architecture style of the Abbasian Historical House is like other traditional houses in Kashan. There is a courtyard in the centre and the rooms and building go around it. Moreover, in this style, the house is placed lower than the ground of the street. Therefore, when you go inside the building you should step down to go to the yard. That’s mostly because the house should be closer to the aqueduct and the building is insulated during summer and winter in this way. You can also see how symmetric the house is. It is also one important thing that observes in this type of architecture.

The introverted architecture is another style that can be seen in any traditional houses in Iran. You can see the house is designed the way that no one can see inside of it. Although there are many windows around the house, but nothing can be seen from the houses around. In this type of architecture, you can’t see anything from outside, all the luxurious decorations are inside the house. Therefore, as long as you’re outside the house, you won’t feel like you’re visiting an opulent house. But when you go inside you see how different it is from its exterior.

Abbasian Historical House Kashan - Tourist Attractions in Kashan
Colourful Windows in Abbasian Historical House Kashan

The Abbasian Historical House also has a mirror room which is the most luxurious room in the house and belongs to the owner. These types of rooms are called “Shah Neshin”, which means “the seat of the king”. However, in this case, by the king, they mean the owner or the most important person in the house. This room is also the biggest room in the house. The other rooms are somehow in the same size and mostly belong to the guests.

Places nearby Abbasian Historical House Kashan

Since the house is located in the old texture of the city, it is very close to most of the historical houses and tourist attractions in Kashan. The closest attraction to this house is the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, which is just 230 meters away and reachable on foot in 3 minutes. The Boroujerdi Historical House is another great attraction in Kashan which is just 5 minutes away from the Abbasian Historical House. The distance between this house and the Tabatabaei Historical House, which is the most popular house in the city, is 350 meters which can be reached in 5 minutes. The Ameriha Boutique Hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Kashan, is only 300 meters away from the Abbasian Historical House. You can easily get there on foot in less than 5 minutes.

Abbasian Historical House Ceiling Kashan
Abbasian Historical House Ceiling Decoration

How to get to Abbasian Historical House Kashan

There are many great hotels in this area. Therefore, if you are staying in any hotels in the historical district of the city, such as the Noh Cham Historical Hotel, you can easily walk to the Abbasian Historical House. But if your hotel is a little farther, such as the Amir Kabir Hotel which is near the Fin Garden, you can take a taxi to Kamal-ol-Molk Square and walk to this place. However, you can always take a tour or rent a car which makes it easier for you to get to any part of the city without any problem.

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