Kashan, A garden in the middle of the desert

Kashan is an ancient city that dates back to Neolithic times (approximately 7,000 BCE) which is full of rich cultural history. It has a population of well over 250,000 vibrant people. The city holds the unique distinction of being one of the oldest human settlements in history. This city has archaeological remains such as artifacts and buildings which date back as far as 9000 years! The city was known as an important trading center of Iran from the 12th to the 14th centuries. Post decline of population in the same period, this city was transformed into a beautiful vacation spot for Safavid kings by cultivating breathtaking gardens all over the city.

Due to an earthquake in the late 18th century which decimated most of the city, the population went down again for the next fifty years. But the city was so popular as a vacation spot that population rose again seeing it’s potential for vacationing by Iran’s elitists.

Kashan is the capital of Kashan County and is a crucial manufacturing center. It is a famous and beautiful tourist region within Iran.

Geographical location and weather

Kashan is some 150 miles south of Tehran and is easily accessible by road. The city is in the Isfahan province of Iran. Here is one of the first of the large oases along the Qom-Kerman road which runs along the edge of the central deserts of Iran.

It is aesthetically pleasing to see the contrast between the lush greenery of the oasis and the dry landscape of the desert.

History, rulers (kings) and the old names of the city

The name of  the city has a Roman version of the name called Kāshān . The origin of the city name can be traced back to the original inhabiitants of  the city who were called Kasian. The remains of these settlers can be found at Tapeh Sialk which dates back 9000 years. This name was again modified into the word Kashian.

Another interesting fact about the city is that between the 12th and 14th centuries Kashan was an essential centre for the production of high quality pottery and even tiles. This association of this city with pottery and tile production was so strong that the word for a tile in modern Persian comes from the name of the town. The word being “kashi”

Special local Foods Local Products and handicrafts

Kashan is famous for vibrant local products such as beautifully made carpets, highly aromatic rosewater that is famous the world over. And also traditional cookies are really tasty that are traditionally made in Kashan and are a great buy. In terms of naturally available produce, pomegranates are especially tasty in this city. The coffee and tea available in Kashan are also extremely unique and distinct in taste and is worth buying

The way Kashan uses its natural by-products to market and sell product is an inspiration for eco-friendly cities the world over!

Contemporary and non-contemporary celebrities

Sohrab Sepehri  is a famous Iranian poet and painter who inspired a lot of future poets and painter of this century. He is famous for using elements of western concepts in his poetry making him an influential poet. He breathed his last in 1980.

Isaac Larian, the chief executive officer of MGA Entertainment which is the biggest privately owned toy company in the world is definitely an easily recognized celebrity on a global scale who hails from the lovely city of Kashan. This is a contemporary personality indicating what Kashan is capable of producing in terms of talented people.

David Alliance, Baron Alliance, businessman and a Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom began his journey in the Kashan bazaar as a humble merchant. He is now an established businessman and influential politician known the world over.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, leading Islamic philosopher and exponent of the Perennial Philosophy is a widely renowned figure in the global landscape for his work on philosophy.

Recreation and tourism places -natural attractions, places of interests

Agha Bozorg Mosque

A historical mosque of great importance, this was built in the 18th century by master builder Ustad Haj Sa’ban-ali. The Mosque is not being used as of today, mostly being attributed to the reasons of preservation for posterity. But there is a theological school in the basement of the Said Mosque. The Mosque is famous for fostering the likes of Ustad Ali Maryam who turned out to be a genius architect.

Fin Garden

This is an exquisite garden well known in the Middle East even the world over. This is especially famous for Kash an’s Fin bath. The then king Nasereddin Shah murdered a famous vizier named Amir-Kabir in this place and has been known for this action ever since. This breath-taking garden spans 2.3 hectares with a main yard with a circumference of ramparts along with four circular towers. As with several other Persian Gardens of this period, the fin garden has many water features. This garden also has the distinction of bring one of the nine world heritage Persian Gardens!

Kashan Bazaar

This is a prime attraction of the city of Kashan. This amazing place has a fantastic mudbrick architecture which makes it especially beautiful. The best place to view this region is on the rooftop of the bazaar which will give you a clear idea of how technically brilliant this entire area is. Timcheh Amin-o-dowleh is a great caravanserai which is an inn with an open courtyard. This is found in the Kashan bazaar. This is a wonderful place to just have a tea and observe how business is carried out in Iran.

Historical bathhouse

Hammam-e-Khan  is a historical bathhouse that has been beautifully transformed into a traditional coffee shop where you can relax in several ways such as drinking a tea, smoking a shisha or just taking a relaxing day off sitting down.

Boroujerdi ha Residence.

This is a house with a very rich history and belongs to a trading family which had migrated to Kashan. This was built at least a century ago and the construction date can still be observed on an inscription of the building which seems to be covered. The completion of this amazing residence took over 18 years, taking over a hundred workers that included architects, master painters and menial laborers. The geographical location of the residence calls for exceptional effort in construction of the building with respect to functionality and aesthetics. This is worth a visit for all these reasons and won’t burn a hole in your pocket to do so.

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