Chalus is a city present in the Mazandaran Province in northern Iran. Serving as a county seat for Chalus County, its population is about 44,618 (The last census was taken in 2006). Owing to its splendid weather and varied natural attractions, it is a favorite among tourists and even Iranians as well.


Chalus is bordered by Noshahr in the east, Tehran province in the south and Tonekabon on its west. It is located on the Chalus river.

The climate in Chalus is temperate and warm. The average temperature over the year is around 15.7 °C. Average rainfall is about 1801 mm. In fact, its pleasant climate is an important reason in its being a primary choice for spending one’s vacation.


Originally called “Shalus” or “Salus”, Chalus has a pretty long legacy or rebels with its regional rulers as well as foreign forces that occupied it. Chalus hosted a huge silk factory which was operational from 1936 to 1958. It produced and exported silk and other fabrics to different countries.


Chalus has a rich art heritage comprising a variety of disciplines such as weaving, painting, pottery and the likes. Local markets are abuzz with pretty handicrafts. The language broadly spoken is Persian.


Valasht Lake

Valasht is a lone and beautiful lake in northern Iran, It lies amidst mountains like it has sprung up from underneath the earth and then settled there. Located in Mazandaran Province between Kelardasht and Chalus, it flows into a big bowl which has formed due to erosion and acts as a basin for the lake.

Abbas Abad Jungle

This jungle is the channel between Kelardasht and Chalus, There is a fine asphalt road among the jungles, providing a nice view of the greenery. It takes about an hour to complete the tour from Kelardasht to Ramsar or Namak Abrud which is at the boarder of Chalus.

Fian Park

Fian Park is located near the Chalus-Tehran green road. There are provisions for barbecues and camping in the park. The dense canopies provide a good place to rest and sample the beauty at leisure.

Harijan Waterfall

It is a beautiful waterfall in the heart of the Alborz Mountains. Present at a height of about 9 meters, the nearby landscape is vibrant with colors, and the waterfall divides into sub-waterfalls in its lower reaches.


The cuisine in Chalus is primarily Middle-eastern. It is known for the delectable “biriyani”; rice made with saffron and tender chunks of slow cooked meat. Shirin Polow (Iranian rice Pilaf) is another specialty that must be tried.


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