Indians Temple, Bandar Abbas

About Indians Temple (Hindu Temple)

Indians Temple is a historical tourist attraction in Bandar Abbas which has been built in the Qajar era. It was a place for the Indians to worship. This temple is located in the heart of the city in Imam Khomeini Street which made it easily accessible for the people who stay in the city centre. The Indians Temple has a unique construction and easily recognizable in the city of Bandar Abbas.

Indians Temple History

The Indians Temple has been constructed in 1174 (solar year) by the order of Mohammad Hassan Khan Sa’ad Almalek who was the ruler of Bandar Abbas at that time. Since there were many Indians living and working in Hormoz, Qheshm, and Bandar Abbas, they needed a place to worship. Before the

Indian Temple Bandar Abbas Tourist Attraction
Indian Temple Bandar Abbas Tourist Attraction

construction of this temple, they mostly gathered together in the local houses and did their religious ceremonies. But they decided to request an official place for themselves. Therefore, the ruler of the time (Mohammad Hassan Khan) ordered the construction of the Indians Temple in Bandar Abbas. This temple is a symbol of the cultural and artistic connection between Iran and India.

The Indians Temple consists of a building and a huge yard. However, the yard is not as huge as it was before. The widening the street made part of the yard ruined. The main building has a rectangular shape with doom on it which is completely similar to the original temples in India. The unique appearance of the Indians Temple made it like an Indian bindi in the city of Bandar Abbas. Especially in the modern days that all other buildings are so different from this temple. This place is one of the Bandar Abbas Tourist attractions that worth visiting. Touring this temple won’t take so long, you might only need one or two hours.

How to go to the Indians Temple Bandar Abbas

The Indians Temple is in the heart of the city, so it will not be hard to get there. There is a bus stop in Shahid Beheshti Blvrd that is just 4 minutes away from this temple. Therefore, the temple is easily accessible by bus. There are also many hotels around it, the nearest one is the Atilar Hotel which is just 5 minutes far from this attraction. The Indians Temple is just 25 minutes away from the Persian Gulf. It will be easy to get there on foot too.

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