Genu Hot Springs

Genu Hot Springs, a Natural Tourist Attraction in Bandar Abbas

Genu Hot Springs is a natural tourist attraction in Bandar Abbas which locates in a protected area. The Genu protected area consists of the hot springs, mountains, the pools filled with mineral waters, and an area for resting and camping. This area is almost 35 km away from the city of Bandar Abbas on the road of Bandar Abbas to Sirjan. It might only take 40 minutes to get there by car.

The Genu Hot Spring is between two mountains. The Genu Mountain is the sixth highest mountain in Hormozgan province which is 2347 meters high. Somehow it is the reason for the humidity of the weather of Hormozgan. Because it doesn’t let the water vapor of the sea passes. By this reason, the weather of this province is hot and sultry most of the time.

More About the Genu Hot Springs

The Genu Hot Springs has mineral waters full of hydrogen sulfur and chlorine. These minerals and the hot weather of the area have made it possible for only rare kind of animals and plants live in this place. There is also one species of fish that only lives in this hot spring which is so tiny and not visible in the water.

Because of the healing power of the Genu Hot Springs, most of the people come here to take a bath. So there are two separate pools filled with mineral waters of these springs that can be used by men and women.

There are also some complexes and shops in this area which have made it a suitable place for the tourists. The protected area of Genu also has a beautiful nature full of hills and valleys. It is a great choice for people who love being in nature.

How to Go to The Genu Hot Springs

There is no public transport to this place. You might need to rent a car or use private tours to go there.


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