Arak City; The beauty that holds Iran together

Iran is a country that showcases different culture, people, food and different shades of nature. Mostly tagged as a major industrial city, Arak is one of the ancient cities of Iran. Not only that but it is also the capital of the Markazi (Centeral) province of Iran. Due to its steel and different locomotive industries, Arak is also famous as the industrial head of Iran. Let us know a little more about this city.

Geographical feature and climate

Arak is the capital of Markazi province of Iran, and etymologically it means ‘edge’. The city is bordered by Khomein, Mahallat, Tafresh, Shazand, and Khondab. It is geographically located on a flat surface along with ten rural districts, five towns and two counties. However, it is surrounded by mountains in the South, West and East.

The climatic feature of Arak shows continental behaviour. Thus, it has cold and dry weather with low humidity. It is quite hot in summer and snowy during winters.

Recreation and tourism places

As Arak is blessed with a great geographical location, it has many natural attractions to offer to those who are travelling in Iran. Meighan and the salt lagoon are two special attractions that everyone should visit. Also, Safikhani cave, Anjedan village with a historical background, Haftad Ghal’s wildlife sanctuary, Gerdu Valley are some of the amazing places to visit while you are in Iran. And if you are interested in the city life or you want to grab something from the cultural part, you should not miss Char Fasl Bathhouse, Arak Bazaar and Saint Mesrop church.

Demographics, language, religion, Local food, handicraft and many more

Currently, the population of the City is nearly 526,182. The official language is Persian; however English is quite a common language here because of Iran tourism attraction. Majority of the people follows the religion of Islam.

This city is also famous for local foods. If you are a first timer, Tarhana or Dough Soup is something that you must try here. Also, Abgoosht Kashk and Tahtali are another two famous dishes here. The city is also famous for its exquisite floral medallion carpets.


Arak is a 200 years old which came into existence during the medieval age when Mongols invaded Persia. It was originally named ‘Soltan Abad’, and was founded by Yusef Khan-e-Gorji in 1808. But back then, it was only a fortress with a military base. It was only at the end of the 19th century; began to form like a city. It officially became a metropolitan city on 6th April 2013.


Along with a taste of hectic modern days, Arak has a wide cultural and historical part too. Along with industries, it is holding its natural and cultural beauty together. And if you want to experience this as soon as possible, fasten your flight seat-belt and get to Arak. Happy Travelling!

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