Moein-Al-Tojjar Caravanserai, Ahvaz

About Moein Al-Tojjar Caravanserai

Moein-Al-Tojjar Caravanserai is an old building and one of the historical attractions of Ahvaz which dates back to Qajar era. This monument is a brick building which was constructed in 1267 (solar year) by a well-known merchant called Bushehr Hāj Mohammad Taghi Moin Al tojār. Being part of the history of Ahvaz, this place really worth visiting.

Moein Al-Tojjar Caravanserai Brief History

After Naser-al-din-shah allowed the foreign ships to sail on the Karun River, Haj Mohammad Taghi Moin Al Tojjar decided to build this caravanserai at the bank of the Karun River. He additionally built a bath, bazaar, and a mosque near this place.

Being near the port, the Moein Al-Tojjar Caravanserai was a great place for commercial exchanges. As a caravanserai, it was also a famous place for the sailors to stay.

Unfortunately, a fire took place in 1374 and damaged parts of the caravanserai. Today, this place is one of the cultural sites in Iran National Sites list.

Places Near the Moein Al-Tojjar Caravanserai

The caravanserai is also near the White Bridge which is an important bridge in this city. The nearest hotel to this attraction is the Pars Hotel Ahvaz, a 5-star modern hotel near the Karun River. It will only take 10 minutes to walk from this hotel to the Moein-Al-Tojjar Caravanserai. Therefore, you can easily visit this caravanserai, Ahwaz White Bridge, and the Karun River, which is the symbol of the city, in one day.

How to Go to Moein Al-Tojjar Caravanserai

There is a bus station near this old attraction which makes it possible to go there by public transports easily. The caravanserai is open from 9 am to 17 pm every day. If you enjoy visiting historical places and old buildings in Ahvaz, this caravanserai is one of the best samples of caravanserais in the Qajar period.

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