Falahati Palace, Ilam

About Falahati Palace

Are you planning to travel to Ilam? Falahati Palace is a must visit site which is located in Ilam city center in Ayatollah Haydari (Shad Abad) street. This palace is one of the remnants of the Qajar era and today, it serves as a valuable museum in Ilam, Iran.

A brief history about Falahati Palace

Falahati Palace dates back to 1908, during the Qajar period. GholamReza Khan, the governor of Ilam ordered to build this palace. It worth noting that in the past, the area around the palace was open and full of fruit gardens. But now the whole area it full of by buildings and streets, which has decreased its charm and beauty. Falahati Palace is now on the site of Ilam Province Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and has become an agriculture museum. For this reason, some may call it as the Agricultural Palace. This palace is one of the most important works of Ilam city.

Falahati Palace is located on an area of 810 square meters. The palace building area is about 337 square meters. The designers of this palace used especial materials for building it. Some of these materials include valuable stone carvings, plaster, wood and square bricks. In past, the floor of the building was also covered with brick. But due to the deterioration of the surface and the lack of proper maintenance, designers changed it with mosaic. Also, the galvanized sheets are used for building the roof of the palace.

Places nearby Falahati Palace

Visitors who visit Falahato palace in Ilam city can visit places nearby and enjoy their time. Shahed Park is one of the beautiful sites in Ilam city; It’s distance from Falahati palace is onlt 600 m and visitors can get in only 5 minutes of walking. Tourists can enjoy being in Ghelarang which is onlt 8 km away from this site. Atashkade Moshakan is also another must visit site in Ilam city which is out of city and is about 40 km away from this site. The 3-star Zagros Hotel is also about 10 km away from this site.

How to get to Falahati Palace

Shuttle taxis are available in all points of the city and they make it easy to get to this historical site. The good location of the palace in Ayatollah Haydari (Shad Abad) street makes it easy to get to this site from different points of city by public taxi.

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