How to rate a hotel in Iran?

How to rate a hotel in Iran? We love our guests dearly, and your feedback is so helpful for us to increase our tourism services quality In case you have ever stayed in any hotel in Iran, please just spend less than 2 minutes to submit your feedback to help the staff and managers of […]

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Shiraz Old City Walk 2019-06-21

Shiraz Old City Walk  2019-06-21  (1398/03/30) We’re a bunch of history and architecture lovers that every two weeks get together some where in Shiraz’s historical texture for a walking trail visiting historical sites on our way. Today we crossed the Balakafd neighbourhood all the way to Lab-e-Ab neighbourhood to get to the oldest Shiraz graveyard […]

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About Ali Qapu Palace Isfahan One of the main tourist attractions of Isfahan that will definitely catch everyone’s eyes in Naghshe Jahan Square is Ali Qapu Palace. No trip to Isfahan is complete without visiting this historical palace which like many other tourist attractions in Isfahan dates back to the Safavid Era. It is one [...]
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Walking on 20m rock walls

Walking on 20m rock walls  / Asaluyeh beach, Persian Gulf, Iran
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Shidvar Island, Persian Gulf, Iran

Shidvar Island (Maru Island) is an uninhabited island in South of Iran, in the Persian Gulf, east of the larger inhabited island of Lavan. These Ilands are located in Hormozgan (Bandar Abbas) Province.

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