How to rate a hotel in Iran?

We love our guests dearly, and your feedback is so helpful for us to increase our tourism services quality

In case you have ever stayed in any hotel in Iran, please just spend less than 2 minutes to submit your feedback to help the staff and managers of the hotels offer better services. You can also help other guests find a suitable hotel to stay in.

You don’t need to log in to the site to leave your comment about hostels or hotels, you can submit your feedback anonymously. However, by signing up or log in with google/twitter/ Facebook account, you will have our thanking gift. More information is forthcoming.

To write a review about hotels, find the hotel on the list of hotels, go to the bottom of the hotel page and submit your comment/rating. You can also search the name of the destination city in the search box on the home page, or search the name of the hotel with the “NCA Travels” phrase on Google. (example)

You can rate different features of hotels such as:

  • Hotel Cleanliness
  • Comfort and Suitability
  • Hotel Facilities and Amenities
  • the Staff qualification
  • Hotel Location and access
  • Hotel Foods and Restaurant
  • Value for Price

Each hotel has complete information on our site which includes its location, amenities and facilities and the services it provides. If you think there’s any further information that other people need to know, we will be pleased to inform us. We collect all the comments on our website and give a brief report to hotel managers and state tourism directors to review and follow. See the guide at the end of this article.

Thanking Gift

Your feedback means so much to us and will help us to provide better services. To thank you for taking the time to write these helpful comments, we offer you discounts between 4-8%.

Discount conditions:
  1. The discount includes all the travel services such as hotel, transfer, insurance, and tour on one trip.
  2. This discount is usable only by one person, it’s still possible for the companions to do the same and receive this discount too.
  3. The discount code is usable only once.
  4. You will have an 8% discount on any travel services or hotel booking on the NCA Travels website.
  5. To submit your comments, you should first login to the website. The discount will be dedicated to the user who is writing the review.
  6. We will give a 4% discount on your next trip if you leave a comment for one hotel, and 8% if you leave comments for two hotels on our website.
  7. The review you write for the hotels should be based on your own experience in the last two years.
  8. We don’t mind if you have booked the hotel on our site or any other booking website. We just need your experience.
  9. This gift is valid until the end of 2022.


Thanks for helping us improveing ourselves


Write your review at the bottom of the hotel page like this