Free Airport pickup Conditions

To book Airport pickup online from IKIA to Tehran or any other Iranian airport, you can easily book a TRANSFER Service. But wait a second…     We have a great offer for you!    In case of purchasing only 290€ from any of our Services, you will receive a free one-way IKIA airport pickup from NCA Travels + Free Iranian Sim-Card.

Our services include Hotel, Tour, Transfer & Visa.

IKIA Tehran airport pickup would be from Airport to your accommodation in Tehran. For other Iran Cities such as Isfahan, Tabriz or Shiraz Airport pickup, the transfer would be from Airport to your destination in the same City or vice versa.


How to get my special offer for Airport Pickup?

To get your NCA free Tehran Airport Taxi, please complete the payment process and Email your purchase information, phone number & flight Number/time to You can also complete Transfer Request Form and mention “Special offer” in Additional information field. It have the same process for other Cities as well. NCA support team will contact you for all necessary arrangements.

IKIA Airport Pickup

IKIAAirport is about 60 minutes far from Tehran. There are several ways to reach your accomodation after landing in IKAI Airport. But no one can be easier and better than private Airport pickup specialy when it is free. So we strongly recommend you to do not waist your time and get in to your hotel as easier as possible by booking an Airport transfer service.

How to receive my Iranian Sim-card?

You will receive your free sim-card at the airport by presenting your passport. This sim-card includes 3GB of 4G internet data plus 140000 Iranian Rials credit for calls & text messaging for one month. This sim-card will be activated by its Service provider in two hours & you can enjoy calls, text & 4G internet.

Note: Some mobile phones (less than 5%) do not work in Iran telecom system due to registration matters. But don’t worry. you can easily buy an smart phone for less than 100$ and use it during your travel.

How to book a non-free Transfer / Airport pickup?

To book an Airport pickup or to book any transfer service please visit Transfer page. You can also order for Travel Insurance, Soft drink and welcoming bunch of flowers on NCA transfer booking system.