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Visit IRAN Because this is a land with seven thousand years of history and culture, which leads from the north to the Caspian Sea and from the south to the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. The ancient history of Iran and the antiquities left for us from the various periods of human civilization annually brings us about seven million foreign tourists to itself. Iran, one of the few countries in which you could see the four seasons, rich in history, is full of unique touristic spots such as cultural attractions, historical attractions and natural attractions. On the other hand, the kind and hospitable people of Iran and the security and safety you feel in its society makes this country more attractive to tourists.

What is the tourists experiences whom they visited Iran?

Besides tourists who come to Iran for its nature and Eco-tourism, tourists experience a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable trip in Iran, in a way that most of them leave the country with the idea of traveling back to Iran. In NCA TRAVELS polls from the travelers, most tourists speak of a huge difference between what they have experienced in Iran and how the media is introducing Iran to the world.

What language do the people of Iran speak?

The official language of the Iranian people is Farsi (Parsi) or Persian. In some places, however, people speak other languages than Persian, such as the Azeri, Kurdish, Lori, Baluchi, Taleshi, Gilaki and Arabic. It’s a great thing that in all regions of Iran, young people are often familiar with English, and they are very eager to help tourists whom they are like guests for them. Helping a guest for Iranians is part of their culture and belief.

How is nature of Iran?

The nature of Iran is full of pure and unknown views that are found in fewer countries. Due to the climate diversity, from north to south, this country will gradually face different climate zones. This diversity in each region has created its own architecture and has had a visible effect on the culture of the people.

In northern areas of the country, rain is often observed in most seasons, and this led to a variety of vegetation and massive forests. A significant part of Iran has dry climate. Beauties such as Lut Kavir, Maranjab Kavir, Shahdad Kavir and magical Rigjen Kavir have become a great attraction for ecotourism.

Some parts of Iran are mountainous and are covered with mountains and beautiful and lush slopes. The southern margin of the Persian Gulf, which is adjacent to the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea, is a warm, humid climate that is famous for its warm-hearted people.

What are the tourist attractions of Iran?

Twenty historical sites and one site from the nature in Iran have been registered in the UNESCO Worldwide Organization, which annually hosts tourists from all over the world. But the tourist attractions of Iran are far more than the UNESCO list, and we, NCA TRAVELS, introduce them to you from the view of travel experts.

The UNESCO registered twenty locations in Iran, which are among the most important tourist attractions in the world. You will find some of them listed below:

Iran is a secret waiting to be discovered.

Tourists go to Iran to see the sights and soak up on the local culture. In Iran there are 19 sites that have been declared to be World Heritage Sites making this country a popular destination among the tourists. Apart from the places to see, you will also enjoy partaking of Iranian food and drinks. These and more are what you can do and see during your travel to Iran.

Some of the more famous sites are Eram Garden and the mausoleum of Saadi at the amazing city of Siraz as well as the Naqsh-e Rostam, to name a few. Zoroastrian Fire Temples in Yazd are other compelling attractions in Iran.

The religious town of Isfahan is the cultural and artistic hub of Iran. With its world heritage sites in the forms of palaces and mosques, the Armenain settlement at New Julfa Isfahan is the ideal destination for keen sightseers. Its ancient architecture has the potential of blowing your mind.

Iran’s hospitality has always been legendary and its people are the most hospitable, friendly and welcoming. Iran is blessed with historical riches and abundant natural beauty. The country has more than it’s fair share of amazing natural wonders.

Why do we suggest for your trip to Iran?

Regardless of gender and age, if you are planning to travel in groups or individually, beautiful Iran is the best tourist destination for you to have a relaxing, memorable journey with safety and security. So do not miss the opportunity and contact NCA TRAVELS to plan a memorable trip for you.

With over 7,000 years of history Iran is one of the most wonderful ancient histories in the world. This amazing land is full of wonderful historical places, atmospheric cities, UNESCO listed world heritage sites and natural wonders. With an amazing landscapes, rich history, ancient and medieval architecture Iran offers many reasons for which one should visit.

What do we suggest for your trip to Iran?

Start by exploring the bustling capital of Tehran, visiting the National Museum of Iran. Making a trip to Tabriz where you will find 1,000 year old sprawling bazaar.  Another atmospheric and ancient bazaar in Iran is in Isfahan which is known for Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

Set off to discover Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd & Kashan and their magical architecture, where you will find yourself back in the medieval past. Get the opportunity to see the most wonderful monuments of the world such as Tomb of Cyrus in Pasargad.

If you are historically minded the UNESCO world heritage site of Persepolis is the place to be. It was the focal point of the mighty empire of Achaemenid. Any traveler visiting Iran will be blown away by Persepolis history. The ruins of the city remain as a testimony to the splendor and affluence of Achaemenid empire.

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How to book a Hotel in Iran?

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By: Vahid Heidarifard, Ava Izadpanah

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